Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Go Broncos!

This last weekend we took a road trip with a few friends to Denver to go see the Utes and the Broncos play ( As if we need another team to cheer for ) We had a great time! Aside from the sixteen hours we spend in a Civic with five people, also Josh's snoring is horrible! The best part was the girls came this time! Yeah! Jen, Marcie and I got to spend the whole day on Saturday having lunch and shopping while the boys watched the Utes dominate over Air Force. I had so much fun with the girls it made the trip quite memorable.
Saturday night we went to Dave and Busters, it's kinda like chucky cheese for adults but without the creepy robots singing happy birthday. We had so much fun and got really into getting tickets. I think Marcie's girls got the loot from all of our efforts.
Sunday was the Broncos game. This was awesome. I had never been to an NFL game and it really was quite the experience! I couldn't believe how big it all was. It was a great game and the Broncos beat the Saints 34 to 32!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fair Fun!

If anyone knows me pretty well they know that I have this crazy love for the Utah State Fair. I Love it! It brings back so many fun memories of my Mom and Mikey going that I can't help but get excited every year. Unfortunately Quinn does not share my enthusiasm. This year though I got to use my nieces and nephew as an excuse and told him we are going for the kids. I don't think he was fooled. We had a great time. Looking at all the animals, seeing real cowboys, ( and a few crazies- the people watching can't be beat!) and having funnel cake and cotton candy. It's always fun to return to childhood for a bit!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My sweet nephew Ben got Baptized on Saturday. We are so proud of him! I can't believe he is old enough to be baptized! He did a wonderful job and was a real sweetheart. Ben has always been such a kind little kid. He is such a blessing in all our lives! It was such an incredible experience to watch my great brother in law, Henry baptize his son. It was very moving.