Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

Rubys birthday.

Happy birthday my precious Ruby Q!! 

Ruby was so cute about the outside decorations. She kept saying "awwwww thanks mom. You did this for me?" 

Body glitter was the big hit this year. 

And orange tic tacs 

We had ice cream and park time with next door family 

It's exhausting being three 

Helping decorate for the party 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Impromptu zoo trip

Having good friends next door is pretty convienent. Jill and I had an impromptu zoo day the other day and since our husbands were both busy that night we decided to take them all to a restaurant. 😬 I mean nothing says a relaxing girls night with four kids right? 

Maclaren said she wanted to do a "selfie" 😂😂

So hard not to see my girls in this 

We are losing control at the restaurant by the end. 

Props to us for trying 👊🏻

Big kid

I feel like Eddie has grown up so much recently. One day he refused to nap and I found him standing on the side of his crib. No!!! My baby! 

Girl time

Ruby and I had a little pool time /spa time while Eddie was sleeping. 

Lila's bake sale

We had a bake sale / water party to raise funds for Lila's tree for the festival of trees. What started out as a summer activity for my activity days girls quickly turned into quite the ordeal. Asking for help is definitely hard for me. I feel awkward and guilty asking for money. I know this is a wonderful cause though and i really want to try and make this tree amazing so I knew I needed help. I was amazed by people and all the support we got. I was hoping for a certain amount and we exceeded that by far. I was so touched and deeply humbled by the people who brought baked goods and those who bought them, sometimes passing over far more money than they were actually suppose to pay. I am constantly realized all that Lila has given me. While she was here she was teaching me how to serve and now she is teaching me how to be served. I definitely felt her love that day. Thank you to everyone who participated.