Sunday, December 25, 2016

movie stills

Some stills from the movie that was done for the tree 

wild babies

just like his sister. He loves to climb


our elf came! Ruby named her Eldie and we are excited for her to tell santa how good we are! 

Ruby telling Eldie what she wants for Christmas 

bid night

I was so excited for bid night. We got dressed up and saw a side of the festival that we have never experienced before. My parents decided to give Quinn and I the most amazing and incredible gift. They bought Lila's tree for our family. I was getting so blue thinking of parting with it.  The tree had become such a labor of love and such a representation of where I think Lila is that to see it go to someone else would have broken my heart. Thank you to my dear dear parents I wont have to say good bye to it.  This truly was a Christmas miracle and something that we will treasure forever. 

holladay tree

lighting of the Holladay township tree 

setting up the tree

finally putting the tree together was so fun and very therapeutic. All the quiet nights listening to music and creating a garden for our little lady. I just kept imagining her in the most beautiful garden. 

I was so scared for the delivery (they said it was suppose to be a blizzard that morning) and set up but with my amazing helpers it really went incredibly smooth and quick. 

We were chosen to be the featured story this year for the festival. It was a complete surprise. We are very humbled to be chosen from the hundreds of trees and the amazing stories behind them. They did a fantastic job and what a gift to have it documented. I just wished I would have known we were being featured, maybe I would have worn makeup or combed my hair. So far Lila's story has been seen over 70,000 times and shared 1,000 

neighborhood ladies

Dinner with the neighborhood ladies. So lucky to move into such a great area