Tuesday, October 25, 2016

halloween dance camp

Halloween dance camp with miss Jodi! I have wanted a daughter in Jodi's dance class since before Lila was even born! Jodi is the most amazing teacher with all the frills, glitter and tulle that would make any girl happy. When Lila came and all the other little girls were in the class her age it hurt my heart to see them so happy and performing their pieces, but now here we are! At halloween dance camp, bringing home the big goodie bag filled with tutus and treats. Its odd to be on this end and so very humbling. It means so much to me. 

big helper

getting supplies for lilas tree for the festival 

high heels

all day long we are wearing moms high heels. They are all over the house. Its getting on the tad obsessive side. 

Stay puft marshmallow man

I mean how stinkin cute is Eddie in his stay puft marshmallow man costume!

all over

this boy is CRAZY and all over the place. You can't take your eyes off for a second! 


We are so lucky to have great neighbors! Nothing better than walking to  the food trucks on a late summer/ early fall night

fall at the farm

ok, this is getting ridiculous! These darn photos! I guess we will be turning our blog book in all sorts of directions when we print it out. At least it is getting documented! 

Fall at the farm!