Tuesday, December 27, 2016

happy birthday Grandpa

It was a big birthday this year for Grandpa! We sure do love him! 

cuties in their sunday best

the tree VS Eddie

Having a tree this year has been a little on the complicated side. Mr Eddie is loving pulling all the ornaments off. We find them everywhere. 

The tree is looking a little top heavy 


meeting Santa!!! Ruby was so excited to meet santa at the Firmages Christmas Party. As he was walking in she said "I want an Elsa and an Anna" before he even sat down. She was determined to get her request in. 

Eddie on the other hand was not so happy to meet the big guy.

lights at this is the place


Eddie ended up in the ER the other night. He woke up struggling to breathe and after talking to the on call doctor we deeded to run him up to Primarys. He ended up being just fine and after a dose of steroids he was breathing like a champ. It's amazing to me how you can think that you are dealing so well and coping with the past until you face it without notice. Walking a sick kiddo through the doors of the hospital certainly brought back a lot. I hope that I can raise these healthy babes without making them to nervous about everyday life and sickness. Heaven knows that I am trying. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

lilas ornaments

Its hard as we are hitting two and a half years without Lila to see some people forgetting her. Lila's tree at the cemetery is getting far less ornaments than it did last year. But the few people that do remember her warm my heart very much and pictures like this of a little girl Lila's age bringing her the ornament that she made from school is priceless. 

grandparents day

Ruby was so lucky to have both set of grandparents take her to grandparents day at her school. thankfully grandma and grandpa kimball took pictures. We sure are lucky for these amazing grandparents 

Ruby's dance performance

 It's funny how these small and normal events like a dance concert can mean so much. I was practically giddy watching Ruby. When Lila was born all the girls were taking dance class from Mrs Jodi. It ached to hear about their dance recitals. I never thought that I would have a little girl to dress in a tutu and watch twirl on stage. Watching her do her dances was one of those perfect life moments that I wish I could just bottle up and keep for forever.
 I thought that Ruby might not want to dance when it all came down to it but she was wonderful! She really loved the lime light and was so stinkin adorable. She would stop and wave at us and get so excited. We love this dancing girl.

Ruby and Adalaide 

We are lucky for a wonderful and supportive family

Sunday, December 25, 2016

movie stills

Some stills from the movie that was done for the tree 

wild babies

just like his sister. He loves to climb