Sunday, December 18, 2016

lila's part

every year they give Lila a part in the primary program. It's one of the sweetest gestures from our ward to keep Lila's memory alive. this year Ruby was so excited to say Lila's part for her. We practiced all morning to the point that Ruby almost had it memorized. We wore ruby's favorite Lila dress, we did Lila hair and wore our tulip necklaces. When we got to the microphone Ruby yelled "no mama!" I quickly said the part and and went back to our seats. The rest of the time Ruby just beamed at the kids and kept saying"they are saying Lila's blessing" she was just thrilled that Lila was included. As were we. 
"I know the scriptures can bless my family to come back to Jesus someday and we can all be together again." 

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