Monday, November 21, 2016

family pictures 2016

my dear friend Alexis has taken the girls first year pictures, I took a chance and called her and asked if there was anyway she would be in town around Eddie's birthday. I was thrilled to find out that she was! We met her and had a wonderful family/one year session. Photos have become something of an obsession for me and these turned out amazing! Love this little family of mine! 

my baby boy

My dearest Edison,

Happy first birthday my sweet little boyfriend. What a wonderful year it has been to have you enter our family. You have brought with you intense joy. How lucky we are to have you as our little boy. Every time I look into your blue eyes I am overwhelmed with gratitude. You are just the frosting of my life eddie! You are the pure good stuff, the happily ever after and fairytale stuff. They say that after you loose a baby the next one to come along is called a Rainbow baby. You are truly my rainbow baby. With your birth you brought a little healing right along with you. The moment you were born, I know your big sister was there to watch you come into this world. I second guess a lot in my life but this is not one of those moments. Eddie you are so loved that angels have brought you to me. I feel that responsibility acutely. I know just how amazing and special you are.  You made it so I could calm down and not worry about Ruby being an only child and suffocating her with attention. You made us feel like a "family" again.
Eddie, you are a little character. You love to laugh and you do it easily. You are so ticklish, I can just pretend to tickle you and you will erupt in laughter. You love your sister (she still has her moments of warming up to you) and you love to follow her and jump on her as much as possible. I have had to save you from her attacks a few times. You are a little dare devil. You are constantly in motion, you love to race around the couch and climb any thing that is possibly climbable. You have more bruises than any kid I know and the doctor is hopeful that the dent in your head will go away in time. You love our pool and could spend hours and hours just splashing, over and over again. You love sticks and dirt. Oh how you love dirt! somedays I just give up and hope that you wont get too sick from all the dirt in your digestive system. You are a little screamer. You constantly yell MOM! or MAMA! at the top of your lungs. You shake your head back and forth and do this funny little quick breathing to make us all laugh. You love to eat!! I mean I am always impressed how much that small little body can hold, its amazing. Much to my chagrin you are an early riser. I was hoping so much that you would grow out of this but it looks like it is here to stay. I guess the silver lining is I get some real good one on one time with you in the mornings, although you are also a bit a crank in the mornings so lets try to work on that this next year ok? You are incredibly stubborn and "crying it out" doesn't work for you like it did your sisters. You will yell and scream and be angry for HOURS!!! Then when I finally can't take it anymore and cave and go get you you immediately calm down. You just like to be around people. You love people and you really don't get too afraid by strangers. You prefer me but you will go to just about anyone if they hold out their arms to you. You also love to wave and say 'Hi". You can say mama, dada, Lila, bottle, Hi, bye, love you and no. That last one you said for the very first time to your sister in the car. It was very annunciated and very clear, it made us all burst out in laughter. Ruby loves when you say any word and she will yell to me what you said and then tell you "good boy" and clap for you to which you will look like you just conquered everest. You love to clap. You absolutely hate the car. You are so wiggly I have yet to get you to sit through a children's book. You love to throw them though!
Eddie, you are hilarious and sweet. We are so lucky to have you in our lives and in our homes. It is looking more and more that you are our baby and while that breaks my heart I also look at you and feel full. Thank you my sweet child for everything that you have already given me. Thank you for the joy and the love. Thank you for being our miracle rainbow baby. Thank you for leaving the beautiful bliss of the other world and your perfect sister to come to this troublesome one with a sister who is constantly keeping you on your toes. We love and adore you so much my boy. I hope you will always know that my dear. I love you.

Your mama

Eddie's first birthday

Eddie's first birthday party!!

Eddie was a big fan of his birthday cake!

Eddie and Ben have a special bond 

The Listons were out of town and surprised us by showing up to the party! Such a fun surprise.