Tuesday, October 25, 2016

halloween dance camp

Halloween dance camp with miss Jodi! I have wanted a daughter in Jodi's dance class since before Lila was even born! Jodi is the most amazing teacher with all the frills, glitter and tulle that would make any girl happy. When Lila came and all the other little girls were in the class her age it hurt my heart to see them so happy and performing their pieces, but now here we are! At halloween dance camp, bringing home the big goodie bag filled with tutus and treats. Its odd to be on this end and so very humbling. It means so much to me. 

big helper

getting supplies for lilas tree for the festival 

high heels

all day long we are wearing moms high heels. They are all over the house. Its getting on the tad obsessive side. 

Stay puft marshmallow man

I mean how stinkin cute is Eddie in his stay puft marshmallow man costume!

all over

this boy is CRAZY and all over the place. You can't take your eyes off for a second! 


We are so lucky to have great neighbors! Nothing better than walking to  the food trucks on a late summer/ early fall night

fall at the farm

ok, this is getting ridiculous! These darn photos! I guess we will be turning our blog book in all sorts of directions when we print it out. At least it is getting documented! 

Fall at the farm!  

the bride

Rubys is all bout being a bride these days. She tells me she is going to marry daddy in the temple 


the cousins have fun with this little boy 

funny boy

first and second

how perfect is this sweater?! Its first and second lulu kissing. I die! thanks aunt kel

Mumford and sons!!!

My most favorite band in the whole world came to concert and we had Kelli and Henry come with us. Mumford and sons was incredible and exceeded my already high expectations. I can not even explain how much fun this concert was. We were dancing like crazy and laughing the whole time. 

st george trip

I wish i could get these pictures to be the right way. Oh well, At least they will be in our family journal 
St george fun! 

these kids are so fast that lately I have been having to film them and then screen shot a cute moment. My heart loves seeing them be sweet to each other 

Eddie "flexing" the growl that accompanies it is adorable 

 We got to see our sweet friend Whitney. It was extra special because whitney had a health scare the last few weeks and her family wasn't sure she was going to make it. We were so happy to take her a birthday gift and celebrate her! Ruby was  so sweet and was showing her a princess book. I was thrilled because last time Ruby was a little nervous around whitney and not sure how to handle her special needs. It broke my heart because if Lila was still here this would be her reality. It was so sad to realize that these amazing spirits are not part of her everyday life. I was glad that she warmed up this time and really tried to help whitney.

playing with little brother at the condo