Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lila's Birthday Party!!!!!

We had a wonderful day celebrating our angel Lila.We are so excited that little miss got to two. You're awesome lady! Thank you to family and friends for coming and helping us celebrate this milestone. I am so sorry that I didn't get a picture of everyone. I got chatting and hosting and wasn't the best at picture taking. I was so touched that you all came! We love you all, Thank you!
 My center pieces, donuts and cotton candy. Yummy.

 Sweet Wendy brought Tulips, with one yellow. So cute.
Quinn took Lila for a run through the sprinklers. She laughed.

 The wild and crazy water fun. We went through 1,000 plus water balloons in about 20 minutes.

It was such a treat to have both Lyndsay and Lexi at the Party. I don't get to see these wonderful ladies enough! Thanks guys! It really meant to much to have you "out of towners" there.  The fact that you would make that extra sacrifice to come celebrate with us is really touching.
 The awesome Williams family. You guys inspire me. You have helped us more than you will ever know. Thanks for all you do!
 Brady and Capree
Uncle Joe
 Cotton Candy!!!!
 The Skenes.
 Auschel, Tami and the twins.
Sweet Maddie. I love this girl. If you are having a bad day stick with Maddie. she will make it so much better. Maddie has spina bifita and yet is always positive and is always a happy little girl. We share a bench at church. She is awesome.

 The Iversons
 The Piersons
 The Satos. I think I really might steal Mabel on day. I love that baby!
 Cassidy and Ellie

 The BEST siblings ever! Love you guys!
 Singing happy birthday. I almost made it through without crying.

The Fuesels
 Kelli and Gracie. Best buddies.
 Lilas Great Grandpa Jay
 My mom use to put these little girl dolls on my cakes growing up. I found the "2" one and just died! So adorable.
Love these Girls! Thanks guys for coming. You are great friends. I am a really lucky girl.
 Sienna, Ash, Calder and Mikey
 The Irvings
 Jonah, Eli, Jory, Remy, Cathy and Jax
Fletcher and Josh
 Anya. It was good to see you soulmate.
 Lilas great grandma Jeannine with Jim and Tami
 The Newbolds
Marissa. I can't believe that I didn't catch the rest of the Jacksons. And sweet Kimball spent days filling up water balloons for the party. He said he would do anything for baby Lila. Melt your heart!
 My mom and dad.
 Lena Schwen
 The Isons
 The party wore the little lady out.
 While we said no gifts some people brought some for our family.  We got some adorable stuffed animals and the cutest clothes. We really were touched that so many people wanted to give us gifts. A few people gave us very personal and very touching gifts.  I wanted to share a few. People are just so amazing.
The Morgans (who I didn't happen to get a pic of! Next time) gave us this amazing tulip picture that the family painted. It will be very treasured. 
 Robyn, Quinn's mom, made this incredible tulip quilt. Isn't it amazing??!!! We are so blessed to take advantage of  her talent. She makes the most amazing keepsakes. We will have this forever and will remember Lila every time we see it. 

 The Kurtz family gave us this gorgeous picture. When their son was in the hospital they would frequent a small chapel. On the wall of the chapel was this picture, Nichole loved it, took a picture of it and her brother drew a replica. They gave us a copy. 
The Harrisons gave us this silhouette. As soon as I opened it I just couldn't stop crying. That is Lila! You could never mistake that . It looks just like her! I have always wanted a silhouette of Lila, I have seen them in magazines, but I never thought I could do one since Lila can't hold her head up. Lindsey found two pictures on my blog put them together and found a friend who could make this silhouette. I was so incredibly touched. Lindsey you will never know how much this means to me. It is one of the sweetest gifts I have ever received. Thank you.
 One of the best gifts was the Kurtz family themselves! They drove all the way from Colorado for Lilas birthday party.  Thank you guys! It was so wonderful  to have you there. We definitely consider you family. Knowing another Vici family has been so amazing.  Next time we will come see you!