Sunday, March 28, 2010


I flew to Arizona this week to visit my good friend Lyndsay. Since we figured out that we had been friends for over 13 years (crazy!) I was way past due on a visit to her new home in the desert. We had a great time. Her cute kids (with a little help from mom) made me a little welcome sign to start us off. I loved seeing Ella, Charlie and Claire they are so great and it was so fun to see Lyn as a mom. She is just so wonderful with them. I hope I am as patient, gentle and calm as she is when my little one comes. We played at the park, went shopping, ate sprinkles cupcakes, talked for hours and had so much fun.
Quinn was even nice enough to grace us with his presence one night for dinner since he was down watching the cubs at spring training. (side note- I thought Quinn's first spring training being a soon to be dad would mean bringing loads of cubs gear back for our little girl but cute Quinn surprised me. He got in the car and proudly beamed " I got the cutest dress for Lila! It has hand knit flowers all over it, I got it at a street fair! " I thought that was so adorable) It was also so nice to have dinner with Cameron. I haven't seen him in years.
The last day Lyndsay, Claire and I went to Frank Lloyd Wrights house, where students still study architecture today. It was really cool, Wright seems like a bit of an odd duck but amazingly talented. I had no idea he had no formal education. Genius!
Thanks Lyn for the wonderful weekend! I LOVED seeing you and wished you were closer, but I am glad I always have a place to go escape the cold. Your home is wonderful! Thanks for letting me come.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Anniversary stay-cation

Jen and Leslie Ison were so nice to make me my favorite cupcakes for our anniversary, I mentioned it in passing to Jen how much I loved the cupcakes at her wedding and she remembered. So nice! (sadly, these were gone rather quickly)

Quinn brought me these beautiful tulips.

To celebrate five years of marriage we had a little Utah stay-cation vacation. Quinn spoiled me rotten. I got a gorgeous anniversary wedding band, my favorite flowers, my first pregnancy massage (Heaven!), dinner at the melting pot (they were so nice, they gave us the dessert for free since it was our anniversary!) and loads of fun with my hubby. Thanks babe! Quinn's present comes in November when he gets to see the Utes play at Notre Dame with the boys and his parents. Is it weird that his anniversary gift is a trip away from me? ; )

Disney on ice

Kelli bought tickets to Disney on ice and Ben wasn't able to go so I was invited. It was fun to watch the little girls faces light up when there favorite characters came out.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Happy Five year anniversary to the love of my life! I can not believe that it has been five years! The time has just flown by!!!! Quinn and I were talking last night and we were just so happy that the excitement about our relationship has not dwindled at all with the passing years. I am just as giddy about my lovely husband five years ago as I am today. I am more deeply in love with this man than ever before. Happy anniversary Quinn! I love you so much!