Saturday, January 30, 2016

Provo city center open house

Our little family headed down to the Provo City center open house. It  was such a beautiful building. I always love walking into a celestial room with my little kiddos with me. I get to have a brief minute of feeling complete. Walking in I was having this anxious anticipation of getting to the celestial room, like I was about to see Lila. I can't even imagine how it will be when I die and and I am getting ready to see her. I will be so ready, I am so ready now. I miss her so much 
Ruby did pretty well on the tour but I think she was wondering what we were in line for. We watched a movie before on the savior and his life and in the clip he was being baptized. Ruby was so concerned that Jesus fell in the water. She kept talking about it and asking if he was ok. It was pretty darn cute


Headed home

So hard to come home! We had an amazing time in cali and truly it made me want to move there myself! It was perfect and fresh and oh so dreamy. 

I guess this a pretty darn good view as well. Oh, Utah I have such a love hate relationship with you. 

Natural arches

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Santa Cruz boardwalk started off a bit rocky for Ruby. She did not want to do the rides. She also had a discipline stare down with mom and I am terrified for when this kiddo is a teenager.
But we found a ride that she was comfortable on and it all changed.

I love this picture! Ruby is so use to taking pictures, I am a regular mamarazzi, so I was standing next to ruby and she didn't see me move to the front of the car. I said Ruby Cheese! and she turned to where I had been standing and gave a quick huge smile. She cracks me up

How cute is this 6 foot 5 grown man on a kiddie ride with two excited little girls!?


The kiddos loved the sit and stand stroller

Love this sweet family. Quinn and I took home a lot of great ideas from their example. I think they are amazing parents and really take advantage of life and every moment.


oh it was so fun to spend time with cousins! We don't get to see Sienna and Calder enough. It was nice to spend some one on one time and really get to know them better.

Eddie loved both calder and sienna but could not give enough smiles to calder one day. It was so stinkin adorable. Calder in turn loved having a boy cousin. He asked that we have a boys car and a girls car whenever we had to go somewhere.

And sweet sienna just has a heart of gold and helped Ruby play with her dress ups and took care of her. Ruby is still learning how to share and play nice but cousin nenna was the perfect little example.

Monterey and Carmel

One day Ash gave us her car and we went to visit the monterey aquarium and drive the coast a bit. 
Ruby had a great time at the aquarium but a picture of a turtle really did her in. They had an exhibit on safe fishing practices and had a picture of a dead turtle caught in a net. Poor Ruby she was so concerned for that turtle and kept crying to go look at the picture. She wanted to know why it had died and how. She talked about that ill fated turtle for days. She even told her cousin Sienna all about it to which Sienna replied. "Yeah, ruby turtles are slow" as if this was why he got caught in the net. We were all rolling. 

Camel is my happy place