Sunday, January 10, 2016

Edison Evan

Eddie's blessing day was on January 3rd 2016. It was a beautiful, freezing day. We were so lucky to have most of our family here (just missing Aunt Capree and Uncle Matt) it was a day full of gratitude and humility for this amazing and precious blessing in our lives. 
Unfortunately I guess I am getting behind on my picture taking and at the end of the day realized that I didn't take any pictures! -Sorry Eddie I guess you can use this as your first "third child" gripe.- so we quick took a few family shots. But we are so grateful for everyone who came and participated. What a great day.

How cute is Eddie's face in this picture?!

My handsome chunky boy

Don't mind my foot with the one painted toe nail!

Eddie your dad gave you a beautiful blessing. The whole day was extremely special. Your father and I were very emotional and for second time since you came I felt your sister with us. I felt whole and complete. It was a gift to have all of us together. 
My little man, I hope you know what a treasure you are. You are such a tender mercy, you have brought joy into my life and given me aspirations for the future. You made us feel like a family again, instead of just a couple with an only (living)  child. You gave me hope for you and your sister to have the kind of relationships and experiences that I have had with my siblings. I pray with all my heart that you and ruby will love each other and see each other as a blessing and a companion to face this life together. Edison, thank you. Thank you for the sweet spirit you are. For the amazing man that I know you will be. For the child who has come to me after heart break and taught me to breathe again. Just holding you is heaven. You amaze me . 

Your aunt Riss wrote out a few moments from your blessing. 

We begin by reflecting on a spirit so precious and perfect as yours. We bless you with an understanding and knowledge of the love for you from others, that through their prayers and sacrifice you are here.
Thirst for knowledge
hunger to comprehend the wonders of the world.
have an unquenchable thirst for the spirit 
seek to lead
have a special relationship with both of your sisters, protect and defend Ruby and protect and defend the memory of Lila
have a special relationship with your mom
have a hope filled skepticism of all things
there are so many things you will be able to experience 
have a family, experience the love that we feel for one another and you

We love you Edison 

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Jill England said...

Such a special day. For so many reasons. Love you all.