Monday, May 26, 2008


For some reason I love Las Vegas. I think it all goes back to when my mom would take Mikey and I down for a day or two after we had visited our Grammy. The people watching can not be beat. You will never see weirder people then when you are sitting in your car driving at .05 miles an hour on the strip. I love the pling pling pling of the slot machines, the bright lights of the signs, and of course the food, in -n-out to be specific. I also love the glass sculptures in the Bellagio enterance. It's so beautiful.


While in St. George we got to visit my sweet Grammy. I Love my Grammy so much, she is a sweetheart. She is such a trooper and is always so excited for a visit. I have loved going down and visiting my Grammy in St. George. For the past sixteen years we have been making the drive down to Sunny St. George to go visit, bask in the sun, climb the Dixie rock, Bowl, swim, eat great food, and sleep in sweltering heat.

Lets hear it for the boys.....

I love road trips!! Especially to Vegas, so when Quinn asked if I wanted to go to Vegas / St. George this weekend I was really excited, there was just one catch, I was the only girl with seven boys. Quinn has this really great group of guy friends, most of whom are single, and they lovingly refer to me as their "mascot" because a lot of the time it's just me and them. While I love them all dearly a whole weekend being with just the boys made me want to watch a chick flick, have lunch with a large group of laughing girls and never hear a joke about bodily functions again.

Monday, May 19, 2008


So when I was starting this blog I got to go through some fun photos that I haven't really looked at for a while. I wanted to include the one of my family at our wedding just because I love that photo. I have the best family. They really are my best friends. They have always been so wonderful and supportive of me and I wanted to include them in my blogging adventure.
I love this picture of Quinn. It was a condid shot that the photographer did, so I don't think we knew they were taking it ( although I can just imagine being a celebrity after that day with a camera following your every move) I love the look on his face, just peaceful.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


And of course I have to introduce Cubbie! ( I can just see all my siblings rolling their eyes ) Cubbie is our baby. Sad but true. She is a two year old boarder collie spanial mix that we found at the shelter. She has been keeping us on our toes for the last two years. She is the smartest dog. She learned how to climb our chain link fence. She would actually get her little paws into the holes and climb it like a ladder. So we had to get a new vinyl fence.
We just love her so much. And family, I swear that will be the last that we blog about cubbie.....maybe :)
So this is me, kristi. I put this picture on as a joke for my sister. Quinn and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon and every night they would make the towels into these animals, I thought it was so cool. I took pictures of each animal. So when I was showing my sister the pictures from the honeymoon she just started to laugh that I was so captivated by the exceptional folding of the staff. So when I was downloading pictures ( yes it has taken me three years to finally download pictures ) I just started laughing.
So about me, maybe that last story will tell you a little about my personality. But I'm a hair stylist and still plugging away at my degree. ( sorry dad) And I met the love of my life on temple beach in Hawaii. We had a great time dating in paradise and we had a great time these three past years of marriage, and we are excited to continue the adventure.


So I guess I should introduce us, I'll start with Quinn. How to introduce my husband.....? Quinn is the funniest person I have ever met. He keeps me laughing every day. He is always so happy and he brightens my life.
We have so much fun together.
Quinn graduated in communications and is working for his dad. Like I hinted at in the last post he loves the cubs, he keeps telling me that that means he's a romantic because he can love in the worst condidtions, I just think it's a good excuse to go to spring training every year.

I did it!!!

Yeah!! I figured it out ! I'll see if I can do it again.
Well, this is my lovely family. My hubby Quinn and our sweet dog Cubbie, she is named after the chicago cubs, Quinn is just slightly interested in that team.