Sunday, May 18, 2008


And of course I have to introduce Cubbie! ( I can just see all my siblings rolling their eyes ) Cubbie is our baby. Sad but true. She is a two year old boarder collie spanial mix that we found at the shelter. She has been keeping us on our toes for the last two years. She is the smartest dog. She learned how to climb our chain link fence. She would actually get her little paws into the holes and climb it like a ladder. So we had to get a new vinyl fence.
We just love her so much. And family, I swear that will be the last that we blog about cubbie.....maybe :)


Cotter said...

yeah!! you finally have a blog!! welcome to the group!

Kelli said...

You should also include that it is the most expensive pound dog (or the dog that has had the most money put into it..) ever:) LOVING THE BLOG!! GOOD JOB T

patsy said...

Yeah........ I am loving the blog!!