Sunday, July 26, 2009

California with the Kimballs

Everyone at the Kimball favorite, the Spaghetti Factory. The Kimball family: Capree, Brady, Kristi, Quinn, Marissa, Joe, Lily, Eli, Kimball, Jory, Todd, Robyn, Jonah, Jax and Cathy (Poppy-not pictured- was asleep and her mom's lap)

Kimball and Eli doing the "Sprinkler" they learned many new dance moves on the trip

The boys on this trip tended to make funny faces when I took Pictures (see Joe at the sawdust festival and Jory on the last night) so this a picture of Brady making a severe crusty that I quite liked.

On the Pier at Newport. We were right on the beach. It was gorgeous

The sawdust festival


We ate at the Blue Bayou that sits on the pirates of the Caribbean ride. I had never eaten there before and it was so fun!

Lily Jo, Kimball and Poppy

All things Disney

Poor Robyn broke her foot a few weeks before the trip so she went around Disneyland and Sea world in her own little Jazzy. She got pretty good at maneuvering around the crowds. She only ran over one person. It did help us get in a few rides pretty quick though.


Eating frozen bananas and Balboa bars

This Picture is for the East High 2001 ladies. Recognize this house? Senior trip! I can't believe that was eight years ago. So much has happened in that small amount of time. I do vaguely remember saying we would rent a house again, in like ten years. That's coming up!

Sea World

PenQuinn watching his peeps the Chilean penguins

Love Jonah's smile

The last night we got a cheesecake for Boz's birthday and ate it one the roof of our house. It was a great way to end the awesome week.

This past week we got to go to Newport beach with all of Quinn's family, it was my first vacation with the whole family and we had just the best time. We were right off the boardwalk. We played in the sand, looked at the beautiful houses and just had a great time relaxing and enjoying our time together. Thank you to Todd and Robyn for getting us the beach house! We LOVED it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the girls

Lyn's new baby Claire is so adorable!! I just snuggled her all night. She made me want one of my own! I text a picture of her to Quinn and told him that I want a baby to which he replied, "it has to come with a cubs hat."

Liz,Lyn, me, Michelle and Lindsey

Last nigh I went to Jasmine with a few of the high school crew. I just love these ladies. They are so incredible. I am so glad that we have kept in touch for the past eight years. wow, I can't believe it has been that long since I graduated high school.

Just one of those things.....

Waiting for the tow truck

So one thing that I really wish I could change about myself is that I worry. I mean I fret and I stew over everything. I worry about the future I worry about the past, things that have already happened that I can't possibly change. I worry. I, at age 23 gave myself an ulcer. So I think the cosmos were aligned to find the husband I have. Quinn is the most easy going person I have ever met. He looks at my worrying as this weird phenomenon that is totally out of his realm of understanding. So last weekend I was fretting over my schedule for the upcoming fall semester, I had found out that I should have taken this one class that would have counted for both of my majors and now they were not offering it in the fall and didn't know if they would in the spring, and the worst part about it was my good friend had asked me many times to take it with him (yes, you told me so) so I was stewing about it. I was stressed, studying for two tests, worried about work situations, and running around trying to fix a huge crack in my windshield. So on Saturday after hurrying from work to get to Jonah's baptism Quinn noticed that my tire was a little low. On the way home he was telling me that I really had to keep on eye on it or if I hit a pot hole it could blow, literally ten seconds later it did just that. In our Sunday best we went to look for the spare. There wasn't one. To make matters worse Quinn was suppose to get a call any minute from his best friend to go light a room full of candles and flowers so he could propose to his girlfriend. (Yes he is finally engaged!) Quinn had spent all day running around getting flowers and candles to set up for the big event. So we called a tow truck and waited. Once again as I worried Quinn was just as calm as can be. (Although from the picture I don't think he liked me taking a picture of the moment) The tow truck came and we got home with plenty of time to light the candles. Now, the reason I am writing about this very typical weekend is to remind myself again that life always seems to work out just fine, and as my sister told me this weekend, "worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it gets you no where." Looking at my past track record in life I would think that I would have learned this by now. I have had moments in my life where I really thought the world (at least mine) would end and yet it always seems to work out just fine. Most of the time better than fine, wonderfully in fact. But I fear that this will be a life long lesson for me. In many tearful calls to my mom about this or that stress she always listens and then says oh, Kristi, it's just one of those things..., meaning life is always going to throw things at you that you have no control of, but with a little faith, it always seems to work itself out.


Our cute nephew Jonah got baptized this weekend! What a little sweet heart. We are so lucky to be his Aunt and Uncle. He has such a genuine little spirit. When the bishop asked him why he was at the church that day Jonah replied "It's just so great to be baptized." Way to go Jonah.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!!

On July Third we got together with Quinn's extended family for a little celebration. We had a wonderful time

This picture of Calder is out of order but I realized I didn't put him in the city creek pictures and I didn't get a close up of Mike and Ash. Sorry. Isn't he cute though?

Quinn's Grandma HATES to be photographed so this is Quinn sneaking up behind her to snag a picture.

Of course my beloved cotton candy

Um...... I don't even know how to explain this one

On the fourth my family went up city creek canyon to have a BBQ. This was a childhood tradition that I love. It was great to be outdoors and to take in the beauty of our nation.

Quinn had the great idea of watching Murray's fireworks from our roof. We had an amazing view!

Cubbie was quite exhausted after barking at us on the roof and at the fireworks. I thought this photo was hilarious!

Hey people this is Quinn. We had a great 4th. Personally I felt it was a great time to reflect on just how greatful we all should be to have the liberties that so many others can only dream about. It also reminded me of a quote by Thomas Jefferson, "I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us that the less we use our power the greater it will be." We have all been given the freedom to be great and my hope is that we will constantly walk in humility. That is where true power lies. Peace Out.