Sunday, January 27, 2013

So happy

Lila was so happy today. She was smiling and laughing all day. This morning she thought my tickle game was hilarious. I would tickle her, she would laugh then I would wait, tickle again and she would laugh. She rarely laughs at the same thing over and over. It was so fun to play back and forth. It felt blissfully normal. She also gave me a few kisses. Something that she has not done in a while. I was scared that she had lost that skill. This evening she laughed while our car was stuck in the snow at grandpa and grandmas. Her dad was getting frustrated and yelling at the car and Lila thought that was pretty funny. Which made the situation a whole lot more fun.
I am so grateful for these good days. Heaven on Earth.

10 weeks

10 weeks peanut! We went to the doctor and heard your little heartbeat. It's so overwhelming to still hear that you are going strong. Keep it up.
This week I also got to stop taking my shots. I've been taking shots every morning to make sure you stick around. It has not been the most fun thing in the world but I would do anything to keep you growing. Now it's just me and you kid. Keep that little body going!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rachel and Adam

The real reason we headed off to Florida was to see my oldest friend in the whole world get married. Rachel and I became best friends in second grade and I have been blessed to have her in my life ever since. She is the sweetest girl I know. It was so amazing to watch her get married. I am so happy for her. Adam and Rachel are such a wonderful couple. They compliment each other so well. They are going to have an incredible life together. I love you both!

Hello Florida

We headed off to sunny Florida! It was incredible to smell the clean air and finally feel some sunshine on our backs. We had a wonderful time. It was very much needed. All the stress of IVF and caring for a special angel was piling up. It was so nice just to breathe.
it was our first trip without the little lady. I had a hard time leaving her. She is my constant companion. I felt very naked without her. But I was so lucky that I had my mom and dad to take care of her. Thank you so much mom and dad!!!! I felt so comfortable knowing that Lila was in your hands. I know that she was very well taken care of and very very loved. I don't think I could ever show you how appreciative we really are! Thank you thank you!

the botanical gardens
the arts festival on south beach

We rode bikes along the board walk. it was heaven

We visited this old mansion called viscaya. There were lots of young girls celebrating their quinceanera. We were laughing that they were doing modeling poses and trying to look much older than 15. Here is my interpretation.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

watching over

A friend of mine who has a special needs child posted a scripture on facebook. She put her daughters name in the scripture, it just touched my heart so much. I had to save it for our scrapbook.

And I will also ease the burdens which are put 
upon (Lila's) shoulders, that even (she) cannot
feel them upon (her) back, even while (she) is
in bondage; and this I will do that (she) may stand
as a witness for me hereafter, and that ye may 
know of a surety that I, The Lord God do 
visit my people in their afflictions.

Mosiah 24:14 

It eases my heart to know that the Lord and his angels watch over my little girl. I stress so much about if Lila is happy, if she is entertained, or uncomfortable or bored. How awful would it be to be trapped in a body that didn't work? To not be able to tell your mommy that your tummy hurt or your ear drum just burst?  But it helps to know that she is being watched over, that her burdens are being eased. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy retirement.

Happy retirement to my dad! After 34 years of Saving lives and furthering the fight against cancer he is finally saying goodbye to practicing medicine. I know his patients will be so sad, he has been a wonderful doctor who has helped countless people go through the worst struggle of their lives. Love ya dad! I I hope you and mom both enjoy your retirement you both deserve it!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello peanut

We had our second Ultrasound today. Little peanut is measuring at seven weeks, right on track, and has a heartbeat rate of 136.36. So I guess if you believe the old wives tale it's a little boy. We were very nervous for this ultrasound but we are overjoyed to see that things are on track.
It's still hard for me to get really excited. I keep waiting for the bad news, hard to believe we might have another little member to our family.
Lila has been especially happy today. She was smiling the entire time we were in the ultrasound room and has been giving me big laughs since. Maybe she knows something I don't.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy new year!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful and happy new year!