Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Splash pad fun

I am in denial that fall is in the air. 
Holding on to those last moments of summer 

All over the place

This kid is suddenly a big boy! He is constantly moving and Playing. There is no stopping him 

He loves to play with his sister 

He is such a doll! I just love this wild child 

Ten months!


It sure is getting hard to catch this wiggly boy 

Lantern fest!

We headed to the middle of nowhere for lantern fest. It was so fun! We ate s'mores, colored out lantern for Lila and watched thousands for lanterns. What an amazing farewell to summer. It was even worth the two hour traffic jam after. 

Dear Ruby

My dearest Ruby,

How in the world are you three? You were born and then I blinked and you were this beautiful precocious little girl before me. Happy birthday my sweet girl! You are such a bright light. 

Ruby, this year I think you have really shown your sweet side. Amidst the terrible twos you have also came out with such a tender heart. You have picked up your ‘please’ and “thank yous” more and you now do them with such ease and not having to be asked. You ask your daddy everyday how his day was at work. You are aware of others feelings around you, and while you still love to tease your little brother and dog you also like to make sure they are happy. You are so concerned when people are hurt and you ask if they are going to die. (You poor little thing, death is such a big part of our lives and you have picked up on that. Although you don’t see death as such a bad thing to you its just a simple moving on. And too be honest I should follow your example on that.You are so concerned if I am unhappy with you. You will cry and touch my face and ask me to smile for you. It has gotten you out of trouble more than once. It just breaks my heart when you are in need of a little discipline and your small face crumples and you reach your arms out to me. You always want everyone to be happy.  You love to snuggle and you especially dote on our first and second Lulu. As you tell me, you are their mommy and you are in charge. 

Ruby you are so smart. I know I am quite the biased mom but others are starting to notice as well. You remember everything! I am constantly thrown by all the details that don’t escape you.. You remember songs, peoples names,, families, stories, etc, etc.  It has made me think once or twice about everything I do that you might remember. I truly hope I am being the best example and the best mom to you. 

Ruby you are so funny! You are constantly cracking us up with your funny one liners and how you are putting the world together. You love to explore and do fun things but you also love your home and are very ready to go home to your comfort. You like your routine. I am sure that when school starts next week you will be so excited to go and do fun and new things. 

My dear girl, my precious jewel, we are so blessed to have you in our lives. Your big personality and huge heart bless our lives daily. Your dad and I spend our nights talking about you and how amazing and incredible you are. I know you are becoming a truly special person. You surprise me everyday and I am so proud to be your mother. I am in awe of you and I am sure that that sensation will just continue to grow aver the years to come. Happy birthday my sweet girl! I hope that you know how dearly you are loved and adored.  I need you Ruby. You save me and give me purpose. I am indebted to you. I love you



Tuesday, August 23, 2016


We decided to ask the neighborhood to come out and play with us 

Ruby picked out her cake this year. Princesses of course ! 

Rubys face when we were singing happy birthday was priceless!