Sunday, June 27, 2010

wonderful family

I so wish my brother Matt lived closer!! He is hilarious, wonderful, smart and so missed when he is gone.

All of my nieces and nephews! Ben, Evie, Gracie, Josh, Nick and Calder. Lila is so lucky to have such great cousins!

My mom makes these mouthwatering Orange rolls. Nicky looks forward to them and this year he made his own Roll Man. He was so proud of it.

It was so great to have Matt and his family down from Oregon. We had so much fun! I wish that they were here year round! Those boys are hilarious! We sure do miss them!

St George

I love that my cute nieces LOVE alligators and crocodiles

Kelli, her kids, my mom and I headed to St. George to set up and play at Grammy's condo. My parents bought it and while it was a little sad to be there without Grammy it was comforting to still be able to head down and stay at her house. We had a fun time running errands, playing in the pool, and we even headed to Vegas to go to the aquarium.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bladework Babes!

Jazz, Steph, Candace, Julie, Kiersten, Shelly and Shell

The wonderful girls at my salon gave me the cutest baby shower! We went to dinner at Gracie's where they decorated the table and set up balloons, candy and flowers. They were so good to Lila and I. They gave the cutest gift, they all decorated a onesie and a bib. It was so cute to see all their personalities come out. We will treasure them, and they will make me laugh during those one am blowouts when I am constantly going through onesies!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scanned pictures... (another try)

I tried to download these scanned pictures again so they are not the size of postage stamps, these are a little better. oh well. This is Quinn in one of the amazing trees on the island. They have a million shoots. They are gorgeous. Then the next one is when we are on sunset beach on the north shore. We spent many nights on that beach talking...

A north shore post could not be complete without mentioning Matsumoto's shaved ice! It has yummy ice cream at the bottom. I can't even tell you how good it is. The first pic is with me and my buddies and roommate from six years ago. The next is this trip. It's so funny if you could see the pics better you could see I have the exact same flavors. I am a creature of habit. Raspberry and cotton candy. : )

These both are from six years ago. Quinn and I dating and loving it on sunset beach and the next of the boys, Quinn's roommates and friends. That was the fourth of July, we watched fireworks over the water.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Loving Waikiki

I'm just a little pale compared to the locals ; )

waiting for the bus, just like old times

Shaved Ice!! Our favorite.

My old home..


Quinn's old house

Temple beach, where we first said "I Love you"

Where Jin and Sun said "I do" (Lost fans?)

How cute is this shirt for Lila??!! (This is where my camera broke. Look how it won't focus. sad)

These scanned pics would not go big for some reason. Too bad. But they are a mix of photos from six years ago and this years trip. (if you can even see them)

Quinn and I had the great opportunity to go back to Hawaii for a week, for as Lyn cleverly called it, our babymoon. We met there six years ago this summer and I must say it was a completely magical place to fall in love. We Love Oahu, it was so fun. After a rocky start, we were delayed at LAX for TEN hours, we got to Waikiki and got to go all our old places. We walked the beaches where we had our first dates and ate at all the places we had our first kisses. It was pretty wonderful! We took the bus and rented a car to get to our old home on the north shore. We visited Laie and saw our old homes and spent time on Temple beach where we first said I love you. It didn't feel like it was six years ago! Times has just flown by. It was such a wonderful trip.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

#27 !

This is Quinn with my annual shout out to the most amazing and beautiful woman in the world. With a little girl on the way I have been thinking about the position I find myself in and cant help but feel shock and awe for the life that I have because of you Kristi. Celebrating those special days with you is always a clear reminder that our love for each other is the energy that fuels our passion for life and each other. Although you are not dripping with diamonds on your birthday this year I hope you know of my love for you and hope that we may continue making these moments for each other epic. I love you, Quinn

Sunday, June 6, 2010

just one tiny little vent....

OK, so usually as a rule I am not a fan of venting blog posts but here is my exception to the rule. Stupid things that people say to pregnant women!!! I know a lot of you dear souls who have braved this trail before me tried to warn me but I am just shocked by what complete strangers say. Quinn and I had the great opportunity to go back to Hawaii where we met this past week (pictures to come, unfortunately two days in we dropped the camera which broke and had to use disposables the rest of the time. So fun times scanning pics awaits me) and I was taken back by the comments. I got several, "so any day now, right?" a couple, "you look about to pop" and the granddaddy of them all was when I was standing in line for the bathroom and a woman asked when I was due. I told her the beginning of August which was met with an incredulous look that turned into a smile when she said, Oh twins right? TWINS!!! are you kidding me!!! People should never assume anything about a pregnant woman. Isn't that an unspoken society rule already??!!! Its not very fair when you are already feeling down and have just noticed that your ankles no longer exist when someone asks if you are having twins! Sorry for the venting session, I had to get that out, I feel much better.....


Quinn and I (lets be honest, just me) have been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing to get ready for Lila. Her nursery is now lovingly dubbed the junk room. So while cleaning out the pit of despair we ran across one of my old practice heads from hair school (honestly why do I keep this stuff?) We decided that her new home would be the Quists porch. We gave Mitch a pretty good scare but in the end redeemed ourselves because Lexi is keeping it for practice. ;) sorry Quists, pretty funny though...