Friday, June 28, 2013


We headed to primary children's hospital to see their dentist. I made Quinn go with me on his day off because I thought it was going to be so traumatic. Ended up being about a 10 minute appointment and the doctor told us that we looked just fine.
Thanks lila for that freebie. We will take all the little victories about you health  we can get! 


Lila and I babysat cute little Adelaide the other day. She's so cute and tiny at only three weeks of age. It made me so excited for our new little peanut to come. Lila kept laughing all day long including when Adelaide would cry. I think she was so excited to hear another little kid in our home. It did however make me realize I'm about to have my hands full.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Primary singing time

I had to Substitute in primary today and Lila came with me. During singing time I got her out and swayed with the music as we sang. She loved it and even started it oooh and aaaahh along with the other kids,  it was pretty darn cute. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bees game

Perfect night for a bees game. 


Don't the boys look thrilled to have their picture taken? 

Lila's first kiss from a boy her age. 

Couples party

As I have gotten older I've realized that great friendships are rare and hard to come by. These ladies have been so good to me. They wanted to throw a baby shower for me despite my heavy protests. I asked if maybe we could just do a big party to celebrate peanuts birth. They decide to throw a couples shower. I am so grateful for them and their friendship. Just that they would think of me and want to celebrate this great miracle in our lives is very touching.

Lena, Cassidy, me, Larisse and Cynthia 
LaRisse, Cassidy,Rachel,Cynthia and Lena 
These Two are Lila's  same age. At first it was always a little bit painful to see them running around and playing. But they have been so cute always asking about Lila and wanting to see her in her stroller
Little Ellie on the left always calls me Lila when she sees me. At the party she just kept going over to Lila's stroller and petting her head. It was very sweet to watch
LaRisse, nick and miracle baby Adelaide 

Thank you so much to those who came to celebrate. I know it was a little bit different having a second baby shower for the same gender but it was very touching that everybody wanted to celebrate this huge miracle. 
Some of the invites got lost in the shuffle so if you didn't get an invite I truly apologize. It was my fault, I kept loosing contacts when I would email Lena, something is wrong with my computer. So I noticed some people weren't there that I thought I sent an invite. So sorry! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to the most amazing man. I am so incredibly lucky to have Quinn is Lila's  father. I am always inspired by how positive, sweet and patient he is. He has handled all that has been thrown at us with grace and  an amazing attitude. I love this man so much, And that love has grown even more as I've watched him be Lila's  father. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Neurology, bad news and ice cream.

Lila with her princess sticker from the nurse.

We went and saw Neurology yesterday. It had been such a long time since we have been at Primarys that I had almost forgotten how awful that all was. (almost) Lila's seizures have been getting a bit worse and we added a new medication to the mix. Our doctor was surprised by how well Lila was doing, he said it was the most active he had ever seen her. He was concerned however with the increase in seizures and her constant need for suction. He ordered a chest x-ray to see how her lungs are holding up. I didn't think much about it since every test we have ever done Lila has always come out looking great, in the normal range even. But the x-rays came back with some bad news. Lila's lungs have been damaged from constant aspirations from her secretions. There is some scaring and thickening in areas. I always knew that respiratory issues is what would probably take her in the end but it was discouraging to hear that her body has begun to break down. Not that I think she is close to leaving us yet but it is hard to hear that the process has started.  

When we got home my usually happy camper was pretty miserable. Not that we were feeling on top of the world either. So we hunkered down, cuddled and made homemade ice cream. It was nice to have my baby in my arms.
and funny to watch Cubbie chase the yummiest smelling ball in the world.


I turned 30. I thought it would never happen, or at least I would feel much more grown-up at this point in my life. I was feeling very happy about my birthday though since we are on our way to having more children. I knew turning 30 would be hard if having a family was not in the works. Feeling blessed to be so ginormous. 

Quinn did a great job of spoiling me. We took the whole day together. I got a preggers massage, ate yummy food, went to a movie and at the end of the day had a surprise party.
I am a very lucky girl.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

30 on 30

I am thirty weeks on my thirtieth birthday. Love ya peanut girl.

Happy 30 to my Best Friend

What an adventure has been my sweet to know you these last nine years.  May the next nine and the next nine after that be just as wonderful and beautiful because of you.  Happy birthday to my best friend. 

Monday, June 10, 2013


Getting excited to go swimming. 

We were so lucky to go swimming with our friends Michelle, Lindy and kids. It definitely is Lila's  favorite activity. With big kicks, laughing and lots of smiles.

Lila had a nap buddy in Parker. 
With her vest on Lila could even hold her head up. 
Lila has had a perma smile the rest of the day. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013