Sunday, June 21, 2009

Robison Family Reunion

My First cousins who were there. Robbie, Trish,Whitney,Tiffany,Ryan, Shai,Morgan, Kristi,Jenna, Gage,Ashley, Beth and her daughter Zoe

My sweet Grammy

My mom and her siblings. Scott, Gary and Pam

Shai and Tiffany. Pictures just in case we die, right Tiff?

My mom and dad in an old Ford model T

Delta really is quite beautiful

Uncle Gary lighting the candy cannon

Quinn of course in with the kids waiting for his candy.

Last Saturday we went to Delta for the Robison family reunion. I really had such a great time. It was so fun to see my cousins, Aunts and Uncles and sweet Grammy who I don't get to see enough!I have so many wonderful memories of going to Delta as a kid. Knee boarding at the rez (that's reservoir, Quinn was a bit confused on that one) playing on the tree swing and running around in all the open space. Delta really was gorgeous, even though this girl is a city gal I really was taken in by just how wonderful the country is. So there Shai, I said it now you have to come visit me in the city!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy #26 Beautiful

I just wanted to tell my beautiful Kristi that she deserves everything good in this world and to wish her a happy birthday. You truly make this life and everything in it wonderful. I love you

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Scooter Club!

Trying to get a group shot in the pool with a 10 second timer, didn't work really well

Ann and Ian's final pose in the synchronized swimming competition.

This is a moment when I was terrified for my life, Ty had just taken us off roading.

Ann, Ian, Tyler, Daphne, Kristi, Quinn

We treated ourselves to a pedicure, a good idea in theory....

The men patiently waiting for us to be done

Yes, we made sweatshirts, every club needs them

I love this picture, Daphne had just found out one of the joys of scootering, some bird poop on her back, which she promptly wiped off on Quinn's back, which as you can see she thought was pretty funny

Last weekend we went on a Scooter trip with the Quists and the Kofeds down to St.George. We had so much fun! Although, you may have noticed that our scooter is absent, it broke down (again, not such a great deal anymore) and wasn't back from the shop yet (don't ever go to eco moto, long story, but just don't!) so Tyler was nice enough to let us use his Honda trail 110 that he inherited from his grandpa. I must admit I thought that I was going to die on that machine, not because of the motorcycle but because Quinn was learning to shift, but it was a great substitute. Thanks Ty! We had such a great time, it was a bit of a farewell to Ann and Ian since they bought a house and are moving out of the neighborhood, which we are so sad about. But at least we have the scooter club to keep us in touch! We scooted all around Dixie, which is so gorgeous! We ate a ton of great food, and had a hilarious synchronized swimming contest, which Quinn and I won, although to be fair we have had some practice in that area. We learned a lot about scootering like, when wind and dirt mix on a scooter it hurts, Daphne discovered the joy of birds flying over head, the shear fear of off roading scootering, and the sore muscles of just sitting there. I also learned on the trip that I literally really do drool over diamonds, that we didn't talk to Carl enough, that cotton candy ice cream is still my absolute favorite, that bright pink neon scooter sweatshirts can still be seen in the dark, that Quinn tends to get cranky when he can't start the kick start, that a cheap pedicure really isn't all that great, I love my hooter scootie, your face is a joke! and that we have great friends. Thanks for the fun weekend!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Park City Again!

Memorial day at the Dairy Keen in Heber

The day we went down the alpine slide I had Molly with me.

Isn't Park City Gorgeous!

My parents got a condo in Park City over memorial day and we had a wonderful time taking advantage of it! We got to take in the beauty in the mountains, walk up and down main street, swim, eat great food and go down the alpine slide. We had a blast! Thanks Mom and Dad!