Monday, April 13, 2009

Go Jazz!

A view from our lovely seats

This past basketball season Quinn and some childhood buddies all went in on a pair of Jazz season tickets and split them up between them. We've had fun with these "built in date nights" as Ty calls them. ( really I think that is just a clever excuse to buy the tickets ) Quinn is still trying desperately to make me a sports fan, and I really have been trying. Unfortunately the joke is that I am more interested in the Bears antics and the time out games rather than the actual game, but I am slowly starting to get my interest peaked. Until next season.


Notice the boys are not in the picture, somehow when we get together they get forgotten

This an old picture of us that I found that I thought I would post so I could show Anya

This weekend we went out with my great friend Anya and her boyfriend Chad. As close as Anya and I are we never seem to be able to get our schedules in sync to see each other in person that much, so I was thrilled when we actually had the opportunity to get together. It just reminded me how lucky I am to have such an amazing and true friend. Anya and I met in eleventh grade astronomy class and have been close ever since. She has always been there for me, through all of our "stories" and all of the trials and joys that come in life. She has been such a true friend, which I think is very rare in this life. Thanks Anya for always making me laugh and being my biggest support! You're my soul mate! (a little inside joke) PS I'm very jealous you are going to Britney Spears without me.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Urban Spelunking

This is the moment where I backed out and was quite OK with that decision, while Quinn was not as happy.

Look at all those Spider webs stuck on Quinn's Back!

Daphne, Ian and I

Quinn , Ty and Ann debating if we can make it through the tiny opening. ( it was about a fourth of the size of the normal tunnel )

The brave group who made it. Daphne, Ann, Ian, Ty and Quinn

This weekend Ann had the great idea to go Urban Spelunking. Which really means crawling through an illegal water drain under ground. Being slightly nervous in small areas and extremely afraid of spiders I was not that excited to undertake this great adventure, but everyone is determined to make me less girlie so I thought I would give it a try. We jumped the fence and started down the hole, everything was going great until we got to a part where the mud and water had settled leaving a teeny tiny opening that you would have to get on your stomach to crawl through. As we debated if we could make it through the opening some one started to point out the hundreds of dead spiders stuck on the walls. This is where I made my exit! But the rest of the group crawled on their bellies through mud, water, and who knows what to continue on their journey. Thankfully they made it out alive and had a great time.