Monday, April 13, 2009

Go Jazz!

A view from our lovely seats

This past basketball season Quinn and some childhood buddies all went in on a pair of Jazz season tickets and split them up between them. We've had fun with these "built in date nights" as Ty calls them. ( really I think that is just a clever excuse to buy the tickets ) Quinn is still trying desperately to make me a sports fan, and I really have been trying. Unfortunately the joke is that I am more interested in the Bears antics and the time out games rather than the actual game, but I am slowly starting to get my interest peaked. Until next season.


Mo and Tory Reeder said...

Oh Mo would be so jealous! His Suns have severely disappointed him this NBA season. His eggs are in the Jazz basket now :)

Hope all is everything is going well for you guys! COME VISIT!



Kelli said...

cute picture..........

The Quist's said...

um...Quinn! Just a little advise! If you are gonna want her to love sports you have got to get a little closer! I'm thinking she can't even see their numbers! J/K! I went once this year and we sat by some of the players wives and not far from Sloan wife- she was actually up a row or two from us...however, that close you can see and smell their sweat! Cute picture! Glad you are enjoying it! Love you guys!

patsy said...

Some day, Quinn.... hang in there..
eventually she will be sports fan!!
Love the picture!!

w and w said...

WE LOVED SEEING YOU! Please don't hesitate from coming out. Otherwise I'll have withdrawals. I think we both know how serious I am!!! love you. Thanks for doin my hair. What would I do w/out you? much love from the south!