Monday, August 29, 2011


Lindsey invited us to beat the heat and head up to snowbird to ride her tram. It was so gorgeous.

Thanks Z!
I love Lila's hair in this one. It's glowing.
What a pretty state.

Friday, August 26, 2011

pig tails and smiles.

This was our day yesterday.....

picture overload!

Sorry for a picture overload!!! But I stole some of Kelli's pictures, and since this is my family scrapbook here they are:

our last bonfire :(

We went to the sawdust festival in Laguna, one of my favorites. Above is a shot my sister got of my dad checking out 3D art. Too cute!

Someone made my mom this crown and she wore it all night! It was pretty funny. Love you Princess Pat!

Not quite sure what my brothers are doing in this picture, but aren't they cute!?

Monday, August 22, 2011


Beach Baby
While this looks like a sad face this is Lila chatting....

Lots of Cuddling by the fire!

I adore bonfires on the beach! They are so fun and they remind me of my dating days with my cute hubby!
You would not even believe how much attention these little toes generated. Everywhere I went they got noticed.

This is our wonderful beach house. ( the one in the middle)
We wanted to take a picture with the siblings (below) so Quinn thought it would be funny to just have an in-law picture (above) we sure do love you in-laws!

Finally got a picture of Henry looking at me. He's not a fan of getting his photos taken.
Calder turned three on Tuesday. Happy birthday !!! we might have enjoyed his cupcakes more than he did : )

what a little trooper ! We tossed this little lady all over the map these past two weeks and she was just a sweetheart. Catching cat naps here and there she did amazingly.
Amazing. These two, simply put are amazing!

Eating at Matt;s favorite the Hat

Just relaxing

It was so funny, I kept trying to chat with my dad and the wind would blow his sun shade over. kinda hilarious
Getting in the OCEAN!!!!

Looking so cute in her Bikini
Gracie is just Lila's best buddy. She takes such great care of her little cousin, everywhere we went Gracie was there to talk to Lila, hold her hand and take care of her. Lila is so lucky!

Lila spent some time in her baby hut on the beach. Quinn fell asleep next to her
One of my favorite things about the last two weeks is snuggling in bed with the little lady. Here she is one morning giving me smiles, laughs and talking.

We had a wonderful time this week with my family down at Dana point in California. We were so lucky to be right on the beach. We boogie boarded, had bonfires, walked the beach, relaxed, ate and talked and talked. We were super excited to see Matt and his boys since we don't always get to enjoy their company. Thanks family I love you all so so much!