Sunday, July 31, 2011

Party!! (number two)

We had another BBQ the next night for our friends to celebrate with us. We had a wonderful time. We are so grateful for sweet friends who have prayed for us and who have supported us. I wanted a big party since we don't know how many we will get to celebrate with this little one so thanks to all who came and made it special!
I am so sorry that I didn't get a picture of everyone who was there! I started chatting and forgot to take pictures but we felt so loved that you all came! thanks!

Party!! (number one)

What an adorable cake! (I can say that because I didn't make it) It's so Lila....

Lila is Lucky to have family that adores her. Her Grandpa just loves her and Lila responds accordingly. She chats with him and gives him smiles, they are such good friends.
I felt really good that people kept asking me if I made her cute banners, I guess you have a lot of faith in my craftiness. (I didn't make them)
Lila wasn't to interested in opening presents
We gave Lila some frosting from her cake. She wasn't too impressed. I was shocked considering how much her mama loves sugar.

I thought this pic was so funny. Look at Mikey's face, I don't think he was too happy with my camera happy moment.

Kelli gave me this adorable shirt while we were still in the hospital when Lila was born. I can't believe she can wear it now! Thanks Kel!
Can you tell I LOVE sweets?!
A Very rare photo, these two looking at the camera.

We had a first birthday BBQ over at our house to celebrate my sweet angel. I thought that I really needed to make Lila's first birthday a huge party, instead of curling up into a ball and having a good cry, which is what I wanted to do. It worked! We had so much fun and really celebrated her life. I think I had a lot of people praying for me because I was really dreading her first birthday. I thought that we would have far more progress than we do, but I had a wonderful time with family the first night and friends the next. We got to revel in Lila's sweet spirit and the blessing that she is.
Thank you family for being so wonderful and supporting us! We sure do love you guys.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A love letter to Lila on her first birthday

Dearest Lila
A.K.A Lila bear, little miss, love bug, stinker, stinky, stink ba dink (just because you think the word stinky is funny, you actually smell rather wonderful) my sweet, bubba, angel baby, lady Lila, love monster, teaser, princess, and so many more.....
Happy first Birthday!!! One whole year old. Wow! It has seemed like the longest and the shortest year of my life. Filled with some of the highest highs and lowest lows. What an adventure.
When I was in the hospital and the doctor broke my water and we knew that there was going to be a complication I just started to pray. I begged Heavenly Father just to give you to me for at least a year. Give me all four seasons, give me time to love you. I am so blessed that he did.
When you were taken from me to go to the NICU your daddy and I thought that that was so tragic and discouraging, little did we know that it would only be the beginning to a long and arduous road. With each new discovery on how you would be different our hearts broke just a little bit more. We want so much for you, we want you to be able to experience all that there is to experience in this life. Love, faith, joy, discovery and pain. Little did we know that you would be, and are, our biggest teacher.
I thought at one year we would have the answers to how your life would look health wise, but it seems we are still stuck in the dark with far more questions than any answers. It's hard for me. I am so sorry that I tend to dwell in the future instead of enjoying your perfect and sweet present. Your daddy is so good at not asking the "what ifs" and I am trying to learn from his sweet and hopeful example.
Never has there been a more perfect and sweet little angel. I have never known another living soul that is either content or happy. I remember when you were a few months old and I had yet to see a social smile. You were sleeping in my arms and you smiled in your sleep. I just broke down, I prayed that I would see that smile one day in response to me. Now you give me one practically everyday. A few lucky days (like today in response to your first bath in quite some time) I even get a laugh. During these moments I have never felt so much joy. It feels like my heart is not big enough to carry it all. It is a little glimpse of heaven and I treasure them.
Lila you are enchanting, you are special. You made me a mother so I have nothing else to compare you to but I know that you are one of a kind. You touch hearts. Never has a room filled with nurses and doctors so quickly wanting to drink you in, or grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins so willing to hold and to love you.
I had an experience in high school where I came out and told my mom that I knew I would have a child with special needs. Over the years I have tried to convince myself that it wasn't true but you came and I know that you were meant for your daddy and for me. At times I forget it and throw myself a pity party but your daddy is quick to remind me. Yesterday as we were walking in the mall I told daddy how hard it was to see parents and their perfect, healthy children. Your dad quickly agreed, he said it was hard to see them too because he felt so bad for all of them because they didn't get to have you in their lives. We are truly lucky to have you.
I love you Lila. You are the most wonderful and most beautiful part of my life, you and daddy. I am grateful that you gave me the gift of being a mother. I am grateful for all the other lessons that you are teaching me, even though they hurt, and it is by far the most pain that I have ever felt. I know you are pushing me to be better, to be able to deserve my family. I don't know what is in the future, I don't know if you will ever walk, talk or even really be able to see me, but I do know that we love you so much. That whatever comes we will face it together. "I took you by the hand and we stood tall." Love you little miss. Happy Birthday!!!
your mama

Saturday, July 23, 2011

family pictures

I can't decide if I love this one more in black and white or in color? What do you think? The color one is a couple down (blogger never puts my stuff in order)

I ADORE this one. I love that you can see my Nikki inspired bracelet that says Courage.

Blogger is not letting me post more pics!!! I will try again tomorrow. (I've tried for hours and I can't post some of the pics, oh well, here is a good group of them)

Alexis Shaeffer, a dear dear friend took some family pictures for us while she was here in town. I have been desperate for her to take our pictures for some time. She is so amazingly talented!!! I love her work. They turned out beautifully despite the little ones lack of anything resembling a smile. She was so hot and had a horrible lingering cold so she looks a little out of it.
Thank you Lexi!! You were so wonderful. They are so great! I love them.
Please check out her work here

Matt and the Boys

We look like we are in a serious conversation..
Farewell breakfast
Such a boy! the cream was followed by strawberries! Hilarious.
Little miss trying to join in on the fun
way to go mom!

Thanks Listons for the yummy food!
LOVE this guy! Wish he lived closer. We adore you Mattie!
We had to go to the drive in. Its a family tradition! Matt was watching the other movies..
I guess the anti-gravity chair didn't live up to it's name.

LOVE these boys! We sure wish Josh and Nick lived closer

Matt and the boys came to visit us and we were so thrilled! We sure love these guys. We wish they were closer. Lucky Oregon!