Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 years!!!

Sorry guys, these pictures sure are fuzzy..

Lyndsay, Liz (and Caroline), Lindsey, Brynn, Michelle, Alexis and me.

I got together this week with my old high school crew. It's our ten year reunion this summer and some of these ladies won't be able to make it but it just happened that all of us were in town together for a brief moment this week. I cannot remember the last time we were all together. It was so fun and a little surreal. I kept looking around thinking my gosh it's been ten years??!!
We had so much fun. In some ways it didn't even seem like any time had passed. Our conversations have changed a bit, instead of discussing cute boys we chatted about good husbands and lovely babies. A lot has changed in ten years, some of us has gone through some hard trails and experienced a lot of heartbreak but also a lot of joy. It was amazing to get together and share.
Thank you ladies for staying in touch! For being so wonderful. We were blessed to have such a great crew in high school and I am so glad that we still support each other today. I know we don't chat with each other a lot and see each other even less but when it comes down to it I know we are always there for each other. When Lila was first diagnosed with cataracts and we knew a normal life was no longer on the table I got a huge gift basket and cards of support from these ladies, it really meant a lot and I am so proud that they are my friends!


Barb said...

And you all look the same!! So beautiful and young! :)

Cotter said...

How did I not notice how tan Lindsey is!?! Wow!! That was a blast!! Thanks for planning it!

w and w said...

FUN stuff! glad you've had some fun events since the drama of the button. How hard that must have been! So glad that doesn't have to happen every day! Missing you! We'll call when we come to SL in a couple of weeks!

Steve and Liz Evans said...

Kris I feel even luckier to have you as a friend! Yes lets do dinner again soon!