Sunday, June 21, 2009

Robison Family Reunion

My First cousins who were there. Robbie, Trish,Whitney,Tiffany,Ryan, Shai,Morgan, Kristi,Jenna, Gage,Ashley, Beth and her daughter Zoe

My sweet Grammy

My mom and her siblings. Scott, Gary and Pam

Shai and Tiffany. Pictures just in case we die, right Tiff?

My mom and dad in an old Ford model T

Delta really is quite beautiful

Uncle Gary lighting the candy cannon

Quinn of course in with the kids waiting for his candy.

Last Saturday we went to Delta for the Robison family reunion. I really had such a great time. It was so fun to see my cousins, Aunts and Uncles and sweet Grammy who I don't get to see enough!I have so many wonderful memories of going to Delta as a kid. Knee boarding at the rez (that's reservoir, Quinn was a bit confused on that one) playing on the tree swing and running around in all the open space. Delta really was gorgeous, even though this girl is a city gal I really was taken in by just how wonderful the country is. So there Shai, I said it now you have to come visit me in the city!


blythe said...

oh this makes me sad i wasnt there. looks like it was a fun day. the pic of quinn with the kids waiting for candy is hilarious. miss you!

Cotter said...

i love family reunions... i know that makes me wierd. It looks like fun though!

Shai said...

Ha ha I hope that you get a better picture of me before I die!!
I know I know we need to come up. Maybe sometime in the next 3 years we will get up there! :)
I was thinking today about how confused Quinn was at our "res" conversation and it made me laugh! Oh it was good to see you again!!!

~*Felts~* said...

What is a candy cannon?? 'Cause it sounds fabulous!!

Addi said...

Looks like so much fun. I've only been to Delta once, but it was definitely memorable. :) And Blythe's right, the picture of quinn with the kids is hilarious!

patsy said...

Love the new pictures.... It was a fun day!!

Kelli said...

Looks like we missed out on a fun day!

Daphne A. Quist said...

It was fun to hear you say it was actually Quite Beautiful! You've gotta come to Wayne County then, it IS beautiful too & there is lots to do! I'm glad the trip was fun! & for your cousins, the CITY is amazing! Come and see her!

dylan & lindsey said...

Aw.. your grammy is adorable!! Looks like you guys have been having such a fun summer- we definitley need to hang out.. let's make it happen. this weekend? We should go see fireworks maybe..
ps happy birthday Kristi!!