Saturday, January 30, 2016

First day at the beach

Quinn promised me a trip to visit my brother and his family in Santa Cruz, we kept looking at dates and finally made it happen. I went slightly hoping I could talk them into moving back to Utah but after staying there I fear that I may have just convinced myself that this is the place for me. It is so beautiful! They are walking distance from Aptos beach and a five minute ride to a gorgeous redwood forrest. Its pretty much the best of both worlds. Darn it.

Ruby was in heaven running into the surf and then out. She did it all day long and never got tired, 

Aunt Ashly was such a good sport playing with Ruby and showing us around while mikey was at work. We had some great conversations and I am so glad that we had all that one on one time 

Of course missing this little lady 

Oh Ruby has such a love struggle with Sienna. She wanted to be around her but had a hard time being gentle. Good thing Sienna is just a heart of gold and always forgave her little cousin.

Eddie's first time in the Ocean! 

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