Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thanks Jeff!

Quinn's friend Jeff who started the indiegogo campaign for our IVF fund gave us the money the other day. He had the bank give him the amount in small bills and then he found a suitcase at the DI and taped the money in to look like it does in the movies. I felt like I had just robbed a bank! I had to share the photo because it was so hilarious! And now that it is safely in the bank I can post it. (don't mind the laundry in the background) Thank you so much Jeff!! That was so kind of you to start that campaign. And thank you again and again (I probably will thank everyone a thousand times by the time we are done) for all your donations, your willingness to get the word out, and all your kind thoughts to my family during this time. Quinn and I have had a few nights where we will receive a check in the mail and will be speechless by peoples generosity.  I thought the indiegogo campaign was already too much and yet people have continued to surprise us. What a beautiful thing to witness. Thank you.
A small update: our genetic counselor called yesterday and told me that the test is done! They have mapped out the Vici mutation and are ready for our embryos!!! That means we can start IVF anytime. My cute friend Larisse and I were counting out the timing last night and if all goes smoothly we could be transferring little kiddos into me around mid September. While Larisse was pointing at the calender I was shocked that it was the same week we flew to the Mayo clinic last year to try and find a diagnosis for Lila. Exactly one year later we have a diagnosis and the gene to hopefully have future healthy children. Simply a miracle.


Bart and Michelle said...

ha ha That is awesome!! I am just so beyond thrilled for you guys with the upcoming adventure. We are ALWAYS praying for you 3 and love you all to pieces!! xoxo

blythe said...

Hilarious picture of Quinn! Yay for such great news on the test and results! Can't wait for the upcoming months for you guys!