Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Lila!!!!!

Dearest Lila,
Happy Birthday!!!! Two years old! Two years of having you in our home and in our hearts! What a big girl you are. Your little body is getting lean and less "baby like". You are turning into such a stunning and gorgeous little girl. I can't believe that you are already a toddler. What a sweetheart you have become.
Lila, your Birthdays are something to celebrate! On your last birthday we had no answers about your future or what was going on in that little body. This year we know that you are truly and angel baby. That your birthdays are limited. Last year I was still holding out hope that you would suddenly develop and make strides and that this year you would be holding your head up and walking to me, and while that isn't going to happen in this life I want you to know that you are more than I could ever hoped for!! Your sweet and patient spirit fills our home and blesses our lives. You have done more for this family than any two year old could ever have done.  You inspire and you give unconditional love. You are truly an old soul sent here to touch lives for a brief and wonderful moment.  Whoever knows you is blessed and comes away with more gratitude and a sweet feeling of love. Simply put you are magical. You are lovely. You are everything I never knew I needed. You are my greatest teacher. I am so lucky to be your mother, to be your best friend and constant companion through your short journey on this Earth.
I am not sure if there will be a third birthday, but I am sure that you and I will not be separated for long. The day that you leave me will be the hardest and most devastating moment of my life but I will think of the day where I will see you standing waiting for me. With that huge tooth filled grin and with that whole body laugh I will scoop you up in my arms and listen to that sweet voice tell me for the first time that you love me.  I can't wait for that moment. I see glimpses of it now in your sweet eyes. From time to time I feel like the Vici syndrome is taken away and at that moment you will look straight in my eyes and give me a knowing smile, and for that wonderful minute I know you see me. I know you know I am your mommy, and I see what is waiting for us in the next life. I know you will be my best friend and sweetest daughter.
Your daddy and I love you so much Lila. We talk about you constantly. We revel in the smiles and in the laughter that we are so blessed to receive. We talk about your greatness, about how you draw people to you. We are amazed by how children want to stand by you and touch you and how adults are compelled to feel of your goodness. We have been so lucky to have these last two years with you and hope and pray that there are at least two more. We love you so much! Happy Birthday baby!


Marisa said...

Oh, Kristi! I am sitting here sobbing as I read your words. What a beautiful tribute to such a beautiful spirit!

patsy said...

Love, love, love that little girl and her mommy and daddy!!

nikki said...

WE LOVE THE KIMBALL FAMILY! What an exciting and special day. Those words are so true. I love spending time with sweet Lila and I know that she appreciates everything you do for her.


Robbie and Margot said...

Happy Birthday Lila. I love your letter to Lila, what a wonderful mother you are. I also absolutely adore this picture of her, she is one beautiful toddler.

Kelli said...

Happy happy birthday Lila!! We love you SOO much!!! You are the biggest blessing! Thank you for being such a HUGE part of our lives!! Xoxoxo!!

Zane and Lexi said...

Such a sweet tribute to a darling little girl. We are so glad we could help celebrate Lila's birthday with you! You said it so perfect - everyone who meets Lila is touched by an angel baby. We feel so lucky to know the Kimball family and your strength and goodness :)

The Perry's said...

Happy Birthday sweet Lila! We feel so grateful to know you! You are truly an inspiring mother Kristi and I look up to your strength!

blythe said...

Happy Birthday to beautiful Lila! Such a great picture of her smiling. Looked liked she had such a fun party! Cutest cake and decorations. Loved the silhouette! We are coming to Utah in a couple of weeks and hope to see you guys!

Barb said...

What a beautiful letter to your beautiful daughter.