Monday, December 26, 2016

Ruby's dance performance

 It's funny how these small and normal events like a dance concert can mean so much. I was practically giddy watching Ruby. When Lila was born all the girls were taking dance class from Mrs Jodi. It ached to hear about their dance recitals. I never thought that I would have a little girl to dress in a tutu and watch twirl on stage. Watching her do her dances was one of those perfect life moments that I wish I could just bottle up and keep for forever.
 I thought that Ruby might not want to dance when it all came down to it but she was wonderful! She really loved the lime light and was so stinkin adorable. She would stop and wave at us and get so excited. We love this dancing girl.

Ruby and Adalaide 

We are lucky for a wonderful and supportive family

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