Friday, January 30, 2009


Curacao was so fun! We all went to this beautiful beach that was in a little cove. It had gorgeous tropical fish and I even almost stepped on a sting ray! ( ok, little family joke, I'm a bit scared of the ocean and always nervous that I am going to step on something, so while I was walking with Gracie on my hip I swear that I almost stepped on a black sting ray with bright orange sides. As I was telling everybody of my near stung experience a pair of snorkeling goggles washed up on shore that were black with orange sides. It was my deadly sting ray. My nephews LOVED that. They teased me about it the rest of the trip) Curacao was great. I love the picture of Quinn playing with all the nephews in the ocean cause really that was what we did for hours! We loved being with those cute kids. It was very relaxing!

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Kelli said...

I'm surprised you owned up to the stingray story :)