Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy 40th anniversary !!!!

Look how cute my parents were ( and are! )

Isn't she gorgeous!

My parents on my blessing day

These boys were so funny they sat behind the curtains quietly waiting for people to notice

Soon it will be our fortieth! -just kidding-

Matt, Al and the boys

Kelli and Henry

Mike and Ash

We love you very much! Here is to the next 40!

My parents 40th anniversary is today! Happy anniversary! They are the most incredible parents and I am so happy to celebrate them today. On Tuesday my siblings and I surprised my parents with dinner at the roof restaurant and a scrapbook of pictures and letters (it turned out great kel!) It was so fun to sit down as a family and reminisce and to hear all about their wedding day. ( it had a few hiccups ) I am so grateful to have had the parents that I did. They are truly amazing and I love them very much. Congrats!


patsy said...

Ohhhh, you are so sweet!!

Bart and Michelle said...

Soon it will be yours and Quinn's 40th? Wow! Congrats...I didn't realize you've been married that long! ;) You guys better get crackin with another little mini Kristi (you were so cute!)!! :)

Tiffy Ann said...

Oh my! Those wedding pictures are so awesome. I don't think that I've ever seen them at that age. Congrats to them!

Lindsey and Tommy said...

40 years!!! That's great!! I love that you surprised them!! (And I agree with Michelle :)

w and w said...

Yeah for them! They were practically my parents too you know. Tell them congrats for me. Let me guess both you and your mom cried.. a lot. It's your hallmark and that's why we love you. much lv