Saturday, September 3, 2011

The End of an Era.

One of my Favorite picture of them

Wednesday was my last day with the Johnson children. I have been their nanny for NINE years!!! I can't believe it. It so surreal.
We had a great last day (which I took pictures of but they wont download for some reason) we went to our favorite restaurant, Spaghetti Factory, played games and read books snuggled together on Williams bed. When Sara came home we were all sobbing, giving hugs and telling each other how much we meant to one another. It was pretty heart wrenching.
These kids have seen me through so much. Starting College, a bad first marriage, a divorce, going back to school, finding the love of my life, a wedding, apprenticing, getting my cosmetology license, our first home, going back to school -again-. two bachelor degrees, a beautiful baby girl of my own, her illness and subsequent heart break. They have been my little constants. It will be weird to go through life without seeing them on a regular basis.
I sure do love you guys! You are amazing. I know that I will still see you lots!

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Kelli said...

We will miss you too William and Molly!!!