Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stealing Poppy.

Our niece Poppy came over the other night for a sleepover. During the holidays I told Poppy she was so cute I wanted to steal her. Much to my surprise she said OK. It took me back a bit. I said, but that means I get to keep you for forever. She said OK again. I laughed about it, but Poppy didn't forget. She kept asking me when I was coming over to steal her. We made a few plans to do so but kept getting sidetracked. Poppy kept telling her mom, Aunt Kristi keeps forgetting to steal me. So the other night she came over and the girls had a sleepover in our bed. We had a lot of fun, even if the mattress was too hard and the pillow smelled like Uncle Quinn's head. She kept us laughing all night.
If any other nieces or nephews want to be stolen we would be glad to oblige.....

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