Friday, October 5, 2012


Today we saw a new specialist at ENT. Turns out that our little lady has been having severe ear infections and not complaining. The doctor kept asking if I was sure that she hadn't been screaming more than usual. He couldn't believe that she would be so calm after looking at her ear. It had been severely ruptured. He said that the anatomy of her ear was a little bit off, and would be likely to continue to have ear infections because of it. He sent us over to audiology where we did a Hearing test. She failed pretty miserably. This is especially scary since some Vici children do lose their hearing. Failing tests isn't really new to us but somehow is still hurts your heart when they sit down and explain how normal should look and then show how Lila's test looks and they don't even come close.  The doctor is concerned that her constant ear infections have left permanent hearing loss. He said we could do surgery to put in some tubes to help with that buildup around her ears. Then he said unless you don't really care if she has some hearing loss! Since we don't have to be concerned about speech. I was a little taken back. I said hearing is pretty much the thing we got going for us so let's do the surgery. Having Lila hear is a pretty big priority. I love when she smiles when I talk to her.
I am surprised how use to these kind of appointments I have gotten. When I explained to the doc that the average life span for a Vici kid is nearly upon us I didn't even get teary ( a new thing for me ) It wasn't until I hit the lobby that the tears started to fall. While talking to the docs I remained calm and to the point. I think I had some extra help today.
 So the little lady is going to have surgery once again. I know putting in tubes is a pretty simple procedure. But you kind of feel like once in a while it be nice to catch a break. I just really hope that we don't have any hearing loss just because Lila such a good little trooper. He even mentioned maybe the need for hearing aids in the future. Poor little lady I really can't believe that she's been living with this and not complaining.


Jett Boseman said...

Have Jett and Lila been talking to each other?? Jett has to get tubes on Tuesday! He failed his hearing test miserably as well. These kiddos like to keep us on our toes, don't they?

I totally feel ya about "being to the point" with the doctors. That is how I've become as well. I truly believe that a higher power is at play! I know that when I look back at these precious days with our children, we are going to be like, "How in the world did I get through all of that?"

Love you guys!!

Steve and Liz Evans said...

Good Luck sweet Lila! We love you guys!