Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Homemade valentines

Doing the "everyday" kid stuff means so much to me. Making valentines for Rubys preschool class practically got me giddy. I keep pinching myself that I have a normal developing child in a preschool class full of healthy peers. 

We had maclaren come over and do her valentines for her class with us. We are so lucky to have these Besties next door. 

This picture may have caused a lump in my throat. Sometimes pictures of maclaren and Ruby show me what might have been. She has the same coloring as my angel girl. Two sweet sisters. The wait is too long. 

We are still finding glitter everywhere 


Jill England said...

Thank you for letting us join you. We had the best time and they turned out darling! Weekly craft time coming right up…!

nikki said...

You two are wonderful mothers. I love it ❤️