Friday, January 27, 2017

visiting Mikey, Ash and family

We went to Santa Cruz and visited Mikey and his family. 

 Oh how much I love this brother of mine!

We love our one on one time with the Thomson family! We miss them so much and visiting them in paradise in the middle of yucky winter doesn't help us with the huge hole that they leave here in Utah. But we are so lucky that we get to visit. We love them so much and had such a great time visiting, laughing, letting the kids play and enjoying the sunshine. We had the best time!
The story of the trip was that some sea cucumbers had washed up on shore and Ruby hated the "sausages" she screamed bloody murder and held onto me like they could crawl up and get her. She was obsessed the rest of the trip and had to check every beach for "sausages"
so wonderful to catch up

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