Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sorry Dad

Quinn and I went out to dinner with some friends from the neighborhood, Ann and Ian. Their dog Hinckley is best friends with Cubbie, they play regularly in our back yard, so we thought it might be a good idea if we got together as well. Ann and Ian own a scooter and a motorcycle and were kind enough to offer the scooter to us. I am Addicted! I absolutely fell in love! The scooter was so fun I have been begging Quinn for one. Of course this goes against everything my dad taught me about motorcycles, since he saw so many broken bones in his ER rotation days, and from treating neighbors, but I can't help myself. It was a Blast!

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Brandon and Lindsey B said...

Kristi, I loved the post, and loved that you had a great time on the scooter! Lindsey and I bought one in May, and we really love it! It's a blast to ride, and ours gets about 90 MPG, so we take it every chance we get to save on gas. We got ours for pretty cheap! It's some no-name Chinese model, and runs well. You can get them at great prices! They are lots of fun!