Tuesday, July 29, 2008

White Trash BBQ

Hey everyone it's that time of year. Time for Quinn's friends annual White Trash BBQ! This is a picture of Quinn's costume two summers ago. I wish I could make it bigger so you could really appreciate it. I'm sending out the invite! It's a big event with a band, a slip and slide, a white trash hot tub and fireworks to top it all off. They get really into it so know that you have to be pretty decked out in your white trash garb. We would love everyone to come, the more the merrier. It' s August 16, if you want to know directions just give me a ring or leave a message. It will be a lot of fun!!


Kelli said...

You vare oficially the blogging queen. I love it!!!

Mo and Tory Reeder said...

I left you a message today so I guess that means...... YOU'RE IT! :)

You are such a blogger now.


Mo and Tory Reeder said...

so have you read it yet? I enjoyed it but the monster baby thing may have been a little much.

Hope you guys are doing well. We need to catch up! Are you guys going to be in town in the end of Sept? My sister is getting married (long story) on the 27th so we are trying to figure out whether we will come out the week prior or the week following including the 27th of course. Mo is leaning more to the week following for obvious reasons.

Lemme know. :)

Happy Monday!

w and w said...

As eager as we are to dress up and look like that, we'll have to pass, but as you know we have good reason. We'll sure miss you two. Who's going to cut our hair? And how will Will get his incredible head massages? I'll let you fill in the blank.

Blythe said...

I want to see the picture of you too from last year!

mattnbeth said...

hey kristi! so fun to find you on here. im glad you finally started a blog! and your trip looks like it was so fun. im jealous. well, i hope things continue to go well. you are quinn are the cutest!