Saturday, July 26, 2008

London Baby!

I was so excited to go to London!I've always been interested in mid evil history and fascinated by the English monarchy, also I was so excited to see where my brother Mikey and my Dad served missions. It was so refreshing to be back in an English speaking country and the English weather was wonderful! The rain was a welcomed change to the hot Italian sun. We loved London!
Here we are at the famous changing of the guard. It was fun to see the guards march and play instruments. Next is Westminster Abbey, by far my favorite church in Europe. It was incredible to walk around this famous church that I have read so much about. To think of all the coronations and royal funerals, not to mention the people buried there, Edward l, Henry Vll, Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scott's, Chaucer,Charles Dickens, Handel, Lord Byron, Sir Isaac Newton, Jane Austen, etc. etc. I was so enthralled I could have stayed all day. Right next to Westminster is Big Ben and Parliament. I didn't realize these were right across the street from one another. The next attraction that I absolutely adored was the tower! I was so giddy to go to the tower. Quinn looked over at me at one point and commented that I was like a kid in a candy store. To actually stand in the rooms that once held great ( and not so great ) Kings of the past. I have read so much about the tower and the stories that happened there. One of the stories that I love is about Simon de Montfort, King Henry lll brother in law who was the pioneer of representative government and lead a war against his King to let the people of England have more say in their government, only to be killed by his Nephew Edward l. The tower told the story of King Henry lll and Simon, and in one room in particular told of their heated discussions in the very room that I was standing! ( I'm sounding a little dorky I know but I love the History of that country. It fascinates me ) Last is the famous Tower bridge, which I always thought was London bridge, to be honest the real London bridge is nothing to spectacular, but the Tower bridge was beautiful!

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Mikey said...

What can I is always nice to see other people visiting my favorite place in the world. Awesome Pictures! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you. I'm glad you got to see the King's as well!