Friday, October 3, 2008


This week was a great week for seeing old friends! First our good friends Tory and Mo came into town for a family wedding and we got to catch up with them. It was so great to see them. Whenever they come in town we are just reminded how sad we are that they don't live here anymore!
Then I got to have dinner with the girls. Lindsey, Michelle, Chelsea, Barbara, Lyn, me, and Lindsey. It was so fun to catch up. I am always amazed by how much our lives have changed but how we are the same girls from ten years ago. It's so hard to coordinate schedules, so it was so nice that we got together. It was also fun to see Lyn and Lindsey, my Yale abode roomies who no longer live in the sate. We got to relive old stories when we were all under the same roof.
Then today I got to go to lunch with Liz and Tory. It is so nice to be with just the girls once and a while. It is a little bit like therapy!


Zane and Lexi said...

oh boy - this makes me miss you guys even more! hopefully we can carry on our traditional Christmas party when I come home in Dec!

patsy said...

Friends are forever!!

Bart and Michelle said...

I had a blast with everyone! Really, it's so nice that we try to do this every so often. Love you, Kris! :)

Mo and Tory Reeder said...

glad you blogged the picts as i am as you know worried about the spys out there!

We love you guys and are serious about planning a Mexican adventure soon!

PS tell Quinn that it is off limits to discuss fantasy sports with Mo. The last thing Mo needs right now is another hobby!