Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween! Thanks Liz for the great party! Sorry we couldn't stay longer. We had so much fun though! (Quinn is a Geisha if you can't tell.) Thanks Lisa for the costumes!


Z said...

So adorable! Quinn's mustache makes this picture though! Nothing better than a giesha with some facial hair ;)

The Gardners said...

LOL! Quinn looks hilarious and I like how you are totally coppin' a feel on your geisha!

And you look way too pretty to pull off the witch costume! Nice try! ;)

Sarah said...

You guys look so great! We were driving today and Jack says "Did you read on Kristi's blog about her horrible accident?" Holy Smokes! Are you kidding me? It looked like a miracle you weren't hurt. Sorry I didn't respond to it sooner, but I am glad you are alright and I wish people would stop running those red lights really what is so important?! We all need to hang out, glad all is well.

Marisa said...

I love the costumes! I just saw your post about Gardner Village--it made me homesick to be missing out on that tradition with my mom and sis. You have such a cute family! We just love you guys!!!

Mo and Tory Reeder said...

Looks like fun! Hope you guys had a nice Halloween!