Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Four Wheelin'

Quinn trying to do a Wheelie, but not getting far

Daphne and Ann are determined to make me more "outdoorsy". Good Luck ladies!

Props to Ann for riding in her church skirt


Tyler and a neighborhood boy, Calder. ( We are missing a picture of Daphne!)

On Sunday the Quists invited us over for a little Sunday French toast, bacon and Sausage. It is fast becoming a tradition with them and the Kofeds. After a scrumptious breakfast/lunch we got to ride on the Quists new toy, a miniature four wheeler. Ty got it from a friend who won it from a radio station. We had a great time, that little thing was so loud I think we had the whole neighborhood watching us.


ashly said...

HAPPY Anniversary... what a great 4 years!!! The 4-wheelin' looks like so much fun. We should do that together this summer.

The Felts said...

Are you trying to tell me that you're NOT outdoorsy?? I don't know if I believe that :) (mainly 'cause you're still married hehe)

Kelli said...

Looks like fun... I want you to cook me some good breakfast entrees.

Cheeseboy said...

Ty doesn't realize this, but that four wheeler actually once belong to a midget. But since in Utah, it is against the law for midgets to own a four wheeler, it fell into Ty's hands. Poor midgets never seem to get a break.

w and w said...

K, that's hilarious. I'm convinced you should get one. Hey I'll be in town this upcoming week. Wanna play?

The Quist's said...

That was fun and oh ABE that is great because Ty has a phobia of midgets!!!