Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Party

Quinn and I always get inspiration for our costumes walking the racks at savers, this year we were a baseball coach and a player. It fits nicely with Cubbie's fall back costume of a cubs player ( her eyes look really creepy in this picture)

nice gut!- I just realized (as I was surfing other blogs) that Quinn is doing the pregnancy pose! how funny. He looks about eight months along.

Bart's costume.

Michelle kept reflecting the flashes all night.

Steve, Jesse, Tommy, Bart, Quinn

Chelsea, Suzanna, Lindsey, Kristi, Liz, Barbara, Brynn, Michelle

I loved Liz's costume! She is a jelly fish! hilarious!

We hit a little traffic on the way home. : )

Thank you so much Barbara for having a great Halloween party. We had a wonderful time. It was so fun to see everyone. I loved all the costumes.


Bart and Michelle said...

ha ha ha ha he he he he he ;)

Cotter said...

how fun is that!?! i love all the costumes!

Barb said...

Wow- you are on top of blogging these pics! I'm so glad you guys came- it was fun to see you!

patsy said...

Great halloween costumes!

lindsey kaye said...

haha you guys are funny. awesome pics and costumes! kristi- we were both baseball players crazy huh?? :)