Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throw back Thursday

My sweet sister sent me these pictures today. It was crazy to look back. This was almost four years ago when my baby was really just a baby. Such a hard and beautiful time. I was just realizing that Lila was different. I had no idea how much. If I did I would have probably given up on life right then and there. (It's good sometimes to have things come slowly) I look at these pictures and can't help thinking just how far we have come. So many horrible tearful  nights, and yet also nights full of laughter and sweet snuggles. 
I remember this night well. Quinn was gone and I went to my sisters to try and wrap my head around what was going on. You can see that I have been crying. I wanted to desperately believe that Lila's new glasses were the answer but in my gut I knew that they weren't. 

Such sweet caretakers 
Poor Lila. Being force fed. Little did we know the damage we were doing. It was so frustrating. 

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