Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ogden temple

Ruby and I went with my sister and her family to the Ogden temple open house. I was so nervous to go since we had had such an amazing experience with Lila in the Brigham city open house. I know that she had seen angels there. The temple was beautiful and in between trying to wrangle Ruby I was overcome by the knowledge that I would be with Lila again. It seemed like the temple had a large number of paintings with children and Jesus. Everywhere I looked there was Lila. When we got to the Celestial room I was really struggling. I was sobbing and trying to hold it together enough to not be distracting to the other temple patrons.  Ruby who really had been a bit of a stink was quiet in my arms and kept saying "lights" over and over while pointing to the beautiful crystal chandeliers.  Then the sweetest thing happened. She grabbed my face and kissed me. A big, slobbery open mouth kiss. This is pretty big for Ruby. She is not a cuddly kid and very very stingy with her kisses. I kept crying and when i thought Ruby was done I pulled away only to be grabbed again and kissed. After we left the celestial room she was back to yelling, climbing and running, but for that brief moment she was the biggest comfort. I wonder if her sister told her to kiss me. A treasured memory.

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nikki said...

That is so so sweet. I am glad you wrote all of this down. I thought the same thing about all of the artwork - it was softer, with more smiles. That is so cute about the Ruby kisses. I think little kids know when we need that.