Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ruby and her siblings

Ruby is starting to warm to Eddie. She  asks to hold him and she will bring him his binky. There is hope! Maybe these two will actually be friends some day. It melts my heart to see these two together.  I just love them to pieces. 

I have been starting to wonder if Ruby is truly seeing Lila. The other day she ran from room to room giggling and yelling "where are you Lila?" Every morning she tells me dreamt about Lila and Jesus and just yesterday she pointed to the ceiling and said "Lila had to go" Quinn said "was she just here?" And Ruby said "yes." She talks about her in normal conversation and tells me how pretty her dress is and cute she is. At first I thought it was just in reaction to us talking about her but now I wonder how much Lila is in our home and playing with her sister. I pray that that special relationship can last. 

Ruby running as fast as she can to Lila at the cemetery. She always yells, "where are you Lila!? Oh there you are! So good to see you! Love you! " it's the sweetest 


nikki said...

I just got chills reading your post. I think that is so wonderful and I hope Lila visits all the time. Oh, the chills keep coming...I love it!!!

Barb said...

What a special connection and what a tiny little miracle that Ruby can tell you! This family of yours is very special, Kris.