Sunday, November 29, 2015

The sweetest

On thanksgiving  we went to go visit lila. It was terribly cold, Quinn and  I told Ruby to stay in the car while we quickly went and said hello. These holidays are always so difficult. Quinn and I just sobbed by her grave. When we came back we got in the car and started to drive away, Ruby started to scream, "I want to see lila!" I kept telling her that we come back another day when it was warm, but she wouldn't have it. She kept screaming I want to say hi to Lila!, I want to say hi to lila! We finally had to turn around and Quinn ran her quickly to the grave. Ruby kissed her and told her how much she loved her. It was the sweetest and so good for this mama heart 

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Jill England said...

That really is the sweetest. She knew just what you needed. Sweet sisters 💗