Thursday, December 17, 2015

Family pictures

I love all the little details that heather thought of to incorporate my whole family, the tulips, giraffes and Lilas shoes. It just felt like she was still with us.  

Heather brought in this giraffe and I was so touched. It was perfect! 

My little boyfriend is just the cutest! 

I had this idea to photoshop Lila in one picture. Quinn was very skeptical and thought it might be cheesy but I was so desperate to have just one picture of my whole family together. I asked heather if she could take a picture from ruby's newborns and put it together with eddies session. Heather said she would try and I hoped for the best. I had no idea it would turn out as well as it did. It's seamless and completely perfect! It is a glimpse into my eternity, and it makes me giddy. I have probably stared at this picture a million times by now. I can't wait for all these littles to be in the same place for real, to have our arms full of babies. I am so glad I can see my little family. It is priceless and it has been such a balm to this mama heart 

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Jill England said...

Seeing your arms full with your three children has tears brimming. The sweetest gift given to you right in time for Christmas. This Heather is an angel sent right to you. I adore her and I don't even know her.