Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years

We had such a fun New Year's Eve. We went with cousins to boondocks, we met Elsa and Anna, we got our face painted, watched a balloon drop, played games, had lunch and played with friends. A great way to start the new year.

I literally took one hundred pictures of this little girl in her adorable face paint. She wouldn't look at me or give me a smile. The one above was probably the best, with her "picture" smile. But she looked so stinkin cute in her paint. We had to wait in line for a half and hour and the whole time I kept asking if she wanted to do something else. She wanted to wait and sat patiently waiting for her turn. When it was our turn the artists could not believe she was two. He said he had never seen a two year old sit so still. Ruby loves her make up. 

This is a prized picture. These teenagers don't make taking pictures of them easy. We sure love them though!! 

Ruby had been very into grandpa Thomson lately. Spending lots of time reading and coloring together 

Eddie hanging with the ladies. 

She zonked five minutes into the car ride. That is a look of a fun day. 

We got lily to babysit and went to dinner with the England's and had such a Fun time. I still can't believe we lucked out and moved next door to our Besties. 

We did a fake countdown for the kids that they have on Netflix. It started off great and ended with tears and asking for bed. It was hilarious. 

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