Thursday, May 5, 2016

A sweet note

My sweet friend Larisse sent this text to
Me the other day. I wanted to keep it for my scrapbook -not because she compliments me - but because I loved all the little details she remembered. It really touched me. 

I know its late at night.  I finally  had a little time to sit and write to you.  I remember your Lila from the time she was in your tummy to the day I met her at church. I remember the visits to the hospital and doctors offices and trips across the country.  I remember her sweet smile and how she would lie on the floor and coo.  I remember her little toys dangling above her head and her blankets and braids. Her little giraffe costume and her pink fingernails.  That girl had love written all over her.  I remember her getting to play with Adelaide for a day and how badly she needed a sister.  I remember her coming over to our house for my amateur photo shoot and later her in her blue make a wish sweat shirt on her special bed for bachelor night with the girls.  I'll never forget the way you would hold her and stroke her face waiting for to her to let you know she knew you were there.  She loved you and you were everything she needed in a mom.  I remember her cotton candy birthday party and Quinn running through the sprinklers with her. And of course her rapunzel hair at church when you were away. Thank you for being the best example of a patient loving mom.  You are amazing and strong. A mom through and through.  I'm so glad to have you and Lila in my life. 

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