Sunday, November 27, 2011

Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

I Love putting up the Christmas Tree!! Especially since Lila loves the lights. I wish we could have it all year round.
She watched the lights twinkling all night long...

I thought I would post some of our favorite decorations. One of my favorite most cherished decorations is the nativity that I got while in Kenya.
Unfortunately the llama and Cubbie got into a fight one year. I think Cubbie won.
This year we have a brand new cherished keepsake. My mom's friend Freda made us this beautiful stocking for Lila. I was so incredibly touched that she would do that! I have never met her but my mom has told her all about our sweet angel. We will put this out for years to come, even after Lila has passed. What an amazing gift!
While going to pick out our tree Lila was supporting her daddy's team! I think this headband is so adorable. Thanks Kathy!
Another keepsake. A clay nativity that Quinn got in Chile. It s so fragile I am so glad its still in one piece. (knock on wood)


Robbie and Margot said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. I love the close up picture of Lila looking at the lights. What an angel.

Kelli said...

That beautiful stocking and your comment brought tears to my eyes...

Terri Elise said...

Quinn and Kristi,
I was truly moved by your comment about the stocking. You two are so strong and brave; and, Lila has the courage of a lion (or perhaps a giraffe). Regardless of Lila's presence, she will always be near you and you will feel her with you.